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Best of Immuno-oncology

Best of Immuno-oncology

Download DDN’s “Best of Immuno-oncology” ebook to learn more about recent research in cancer immunotherapy. This ebook includes stories about antibody approaches for treating cancer, the potential of CAR-T therapies, precision cancer immunotherapy directed by immune-profiling, and cancer neoepitope discovery.

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DDN Webinar: On Target: Enhancing Immunotherapies

A plethora of immunotherapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and immune system modulators, have been developed in the past several decades to treat growing global incidences of cancer. However, these therapies are not without risk. This webinar will highlight innovative immunotherapeutic strategies using genetic engineering approaches that modify a patient's own immune cells to more precisely target cancers, while concurrently minimizing the risk of adverse responses.

DDN Webinar: Seeing the Endpoints: Phenotypic Imaging and Screening

Normal cell and tissue physiology is complex, even without pathologies that arise from myriad sources and impact multiple pathways. Rather than focusing on individual molecular entry points, phenotypic imaging enables a broader understanding of disease outcomes. This webinar will examine advances in imaging and high-content screening modalities to facilitate such understanding.

High throughput: performing ELISAs with the VIAFLO 96/384 handheld pipette

Using the VIAFLO 96 allows to easily and rapidly transfer all samples at once for optimal productivity, reproducibility, and massive time reduction. All the steps needed to run the ELISA protocol can be saved as a custom program on the pipette, containing all the necessary settings to guide the user through the process with easy to follow prompts. The pipetting heights are saved to avoid any crashes and scratches of the coated surface. For higher throughput assays, the VIAFLO 96 quickly fills multiple plates using the repeat dispense mode.
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