Advances in Gene Therapy

Advances in Gene Therapy

LIVE April 30th at 2:30 PM ET.
In this webinar, researchers will discuss how gene therapy has been used to treat disease and new research approaches to regenerative gene therapy.

A Supporting Role for Stem Cells in Homeostasis

Once thought of as a regenerative panacea, stem cell research now centers on augmenting and supporting the body’s systems. Adult stem cells play critical roles in maintaining tissue homeostasis throughout development. When this equilibrium is disrupted, disease and cancer may occur. This webinar will examine how stem cell-host interactions boost natural processes and restore physiological homeostasis.A Supporting Role for Stem Cells in Homeostasis
Ultra-sensitive Biopharma Quantification

Ultra-sensitive Biopharma Quantification

Quantifying biotherapeutics in biological matrices plays a critical role in the drug discovery and development process. Ligand binding assays often lack the sensitivity to detect low-concentration analytes, particularly with limited sample supply.  

DDN Webinar: On Target: Enhancing Immunotherapies

A plethora of immunotherapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and immune system modulators, have been developed in the past several decades to treat growing global incidences of cancer. However, these therapies are not without risk. This webinar will highlight innovative immunotherapeutic strategies using genetic engineering approaches that modify a patient's own immune cells to more precisely target cancers, while concurrently minimizing the risk of adverse responses.

DDN Webinar: Seeing the Endpoints: Phenotypic Imaging and Screening

Normal cell and tissue physiology is complex, even without pathologies that arise from myriad sources and impact multiple pathways. Rather than focusing on individual molecular entry points, phenotypic imaging enables a broader understanding of disease outcomes. This webinar will examine advances in imaging and high-content screening modalities to facilitate such understanding.
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