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New products featured at the 2007 Society for Biomolecular Sciences conference

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2007 New Products
HYPERFlask Cell Culture Vessel
Corning Inc.
The new Corning High Yield PERfor-mance flask will revolutionize the way you perform cell culture. Utilizing a gas permeable material, this vessel has the footprint of a T-175 flask and provides a log-scale increase in cell yield. Compatible for use with cell culture automation, this flask also provides advantages for manual users, maximizing efficiency and space utilization.
For more information, contact Corning Inc., or call 800-492-1110
Visit us at SBS Booth #419
FLIPR Calcium 4 Assay Kit
Molecular Devices
A next-generation no-wash, homogeneous, calcium mobilization assay designed for the most challenging and difficult GPCR targets. It utilizes the exclusively licensed masking dye technology from Bayer AG. The novel masking dye significantly lowers background fluorescence and improves signal-to-noise without washing the cells. This kit is compatible with an extensive range of targets and cells, providing strong signals with and without media removal.
For more information, contact Molecular Devices, or call 408-548-6062
Visit us at SBS Booth #401
Synergy 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader
BioTek Instruments
Synergy 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader uses a monochromator, filters and dichroic mirrors providing high performance in detection modes including Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Luminescence and UV-Vis Absorbance. Three broad-spectrum light sources provide optimal illumination and excitation. Synergy 2 is modular for customization, equipped with temperature control, shaking, monochromator-based photometry and a reagent injection system, and controlled by Gen5 Data Analysis software.
For more information contact BioTek, or call 802-655-4040
Visit us at SBS Booth #201
Coated Glass-Bottom Microplates
BioMedTech Laboratories
Glass-Bottom Microplates Coated for Cell Culture Applications—Cell culture coatings including poly-D-lysine, collagen and more are now offered for all glass-bottom microplates. Coated glass-bottom plates in 24-well, 96-well, 384-well and even 1536-well are available. A wide variety of other TC and assay surface coatings on glass-bottom plates are also available on request.
For more information contact BioMedTech Laboratories,, or call 813.985-7180
Visit us at SBS Booth #300
Patchliner Quattro
Nanion Technologies
The Patchliner is Nanion's fully automated patch clamp workstation with increased throughput and full experimental freedom. The instrument is applicable in safety pharmacology, target validation and in ion channel research. The system has eight amplifier channels to perform simultaneous recordings and utilizes Nanion's NPC-16 chips, which allows for a rapid and precise compound application to the cell's external and internal side.
For more information contact Nanion Technologies,, or call +49 89 2189979 72
Visit us at SBS Booth #209
Finnpipette Novus Pipettes
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
The Finnpipette Novus is the first electronic pipette to have a backlit display. By eliminating light reflections and improving contrast, menu characters are shown with greater clarity. In addition, Thermo Scientific's market-leading two-year warranty for all its electronic pipettes means that the Finnpipette Novus range is now even more user-friendly, improving productivity, precision, ergonomic operation and peace-of-mind.
For more information contact Thermo Fisher or call 1-866-984-3766
Visit us at SBS Booth #901
LanthaScreen FRAP1 (mTOR) Kinase Assay
Invitrogen Corp.
Use Invitrogen's powerful LanthaScreen TR-FRET Technology to interrogate inhibitors of the FRAP1 kinase PV4753 (10 µg). Our LanthaScreen Toolbox now includes a known substrate for FRAP1 kinase expressed as GFP fusion protein (GFP-4E-BP1 20 nmol PV4759) and an antibody specially designed to detect phosphorylation of this substrate (Tb-anti-4E-BP1 (pThr46) 25 µg- PV4757 and 1 mg -PV4758).
For more information contact Invitrogen Corp. or call 800-955-6288
Visit us at SBS Booth #312
Genetix CellReporter is an ultra-sensitive, non-invasive, live-cell assay system which rapidly images and analyses multiple-wavelength fluorescent read-outs from a wide range of key cell-based assays. CellReporter enables straight forward data mining through intuitive software, facilitating confident decision making in cellular analysis and lead optimization in drug discovery. CellReporter's synchronized imaging enables super fast analysis and delivers quantitative measurements of apoptosis, cytotoxicity, cell viability and proliferation with minimal reagent requirements.
For more information contact Genetix, or call +44 1425 624 609
Visit us at SBS Booth #1019
MDL Assay Explorer
Elsevier MDL
The MDL Assay Explorer system provides an integrated environment for the capture, visualization, analysis and storage of all types of biological results. With the new Assay Explorer for Excel user interface in Assay Explorer 3.1, scientists can create and view experiments directly in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets while maintaining consistency of terminology and calculations through Assay Explorer.
For more information contact Elsevier MDL,, or call 925.543.7356
Visit us at SBS Booth #601
BD Gentest Pre-Coated PAMPA Plate System
BD Biosciences
The BD Gentest Pre-Coated PAMPA Plate System is a 96-well insert system with a PVDF filter plate which has been pre-coated with structured layers of phospholipids and a matched receiver microplate. The BD Gentest Pre-Coated PAMPA Plate System has been validated for use in PAMPA and comes ready to use in your assay.
For more information contact BD Biosciences, or call 877-232-8995
Visit us at SBS Booth #409
Time Cell Electronic Sensing (RT-CES) system
ACEA Biosciences
ACEA's RT-CES system provides label-free and real-time kinetic measurement of live cells in cell-based assays including cell proliferation and adhesion, receptor activation, and cell- or compound-mediated cytotoxicity assays. The system can be configured to meet different throughput requirements up to six 96-well plates running simultaneously and independently. See poster #PST1C030 for screening data on EGFR inhibitors.
For more information contact ACEA Biosciences or call 866-308-2232 (ACEA)
Visit us at SBS Booth #1823
RCAS Screening System
Enbiotec Laboratories Co. Ltd
Enbiotec Laboratories Co. Ltd., an environmental biotechnology company, has developed the Receptor Cofactor Assay System (RCAS) as a screening tool to detect the ligand-dependent binding between nuclear hormone receptors and cofactors in vitro. The screening system is cell-free, highly sensitive, and is able to distinguish between agonist and antagonist compounds.
For more information contact Enbiotec Laboratories, or call 408-966-6902
Visit us at SBS Booth #207
Varioskan Flash
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
The Thermo Scientific Varioskan Flash is a spectral scanning multimode microplate reader featuring unlimited wavelength selection with spectral scanning for TRF, fluorometric, luminometric and photometric assays. Our product offers easy integration and the capability to read up to 1536-well plates.
For more information contact Thermo Fisher Scientific,
or call 866-984-3766
Visit us at SBS Booth #901
CellKey System
MDS Sciex
The CellKey System is a biorelevant cell-based assay platform. With a single, universal, label-free assay, you can identify and evaluate endogenous or transfected receptor targets in cell lines and primary cells. The technology delivers high-information data providing comprehensive pharmacological analysis of lead compounds and significant insight into their underlying mechanisms of action.
For more information contact MDS Sciex,, or call 1-866-MYSCIEX, press 1
Visit us at SBS Booth #600
Cisbio International
Cisbio's HTRF KinEASE assay for screening serine/threonine kinases (STKs) now extends to tyrosine kinases (TKs). The assay, developed in partnership with Millipore, uses a unique substrate containing a single phosphorylation site recognized by Eu(K)-labelled anti-phospho-tyrosine antibody. Over 60 tyrosine kinases have already been validated. HTRF KinEASE TK kit is available in small and jumbo sizes for HTS and profiling applications.
For more information contact Cisbio International,, or call +33 (0)4 66 79 67 05
Visit us at SBS Booth #701
Hit Profiler
Genedata AG
Hit Profiler is an easy-to-use, scientifically validated solution for efficient hit and lead assessment. The compound-centric, interactive table environment identifies promising leads based on biological, chemical, pharmacological and other parameters. Hit Profiler has been developed alongside industry experts and provides a corporate platform supporting the lead selection teams in communicating effectively.
For more information contact Genedata AG,, or call 0041 61 69 76099
Visit us at SBS Booth #1203
Nanostream LD System
The Nanostream LD System is a separation-based assay detection system, which serves as a single platform for assays throughout the entire screening process—from target characterization through lead optimization. The Nanostream LD System employs 24 parallel and detection channels to enable researchers to screen challenging biological assays.
For more information contact Nanostream, or call 626-351-8200
Visit us at SBS Booth #1027
cAMP-Glo Assay
Promega Corp.
The inherent complexity of GPCR signaling demands simple, robust technologies for quantifying receptor activation. The new cAMP-Glo Assay provides the simplest method available for measuring Gs- or Gi-coupled receptor activity. Wide dynamic range and high sensitivity make the assay ideally suited for 1536-well plate applications.
For more information contact Promega Corp.,, or call 608-274-4330
Visit us at SBS Booth #811
Ion Channel Catalog
ChanTest introduces our patch-clamp service. The complete catalog will contain over 70 validated ion channel cell lines. More than 25 of these channels are available now; new channels are released each month. Our new Ion Channel Panels provide functional ion channel profiling by therapeutic target for discovery and safety.
For more information contact ChanTest, www, or call 216-332-1665
Visit us at SBS Booth #1229
ATS-100 Acoustic Transfer System
EDC Biosystems, Inc.
EDC Biosystems, Inc. presents the ATS-100 Acoustic Transfer System. This instrument uses unique patented acoustic technology to safely transfer pico- to nanoliter volumes (250 pL to 250 nL) of aqueous buffers, DMSO, glycerol solutions, and even live cells. User-calibratable. Practically no dead-volumes. 384, 1536, or 3456 source-plates. Reformat, screen, hit-pick, IC50s, and microarray on one machine. Standard unit $125K.
For more information contact EDC Biosystems,, or call 408 273-2037
Visit us at SBS Booth #1328
miVac sample concentrator
Genevac Inc.
The new miVac pressure controller gives accurate pressure readout at all stages of sample concentration and provides full control of pressure and vacuum ramping capability. Unlike 'open-access' blowdown evaporator systems miVac sample concentrators with pressure control minimise the dangers of sample cross-contamination and enhance solvent recovery. The miVac sample concentrator range was designed to meet the requirements for careful and speedy drying in most biological applications. Special methods for drying aqueous and alcohol-based samples are included in all the miVac models.
For more information, contact Genevac Inc. or call 845-267-2211
Visit us at SBS Booth #404
SR7000DC Dual Channel Surface Plasmon Resonance Refractometer
Reichert Inc.
The SR7000DC SPR instrument monitors interactions between molecules in real-time and allows for user flexibility and adaptability in injector choices, fluidics, slide surface chemistry and the flowcell itself. The SR7000DC is widely used to determine interactions between proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, vesicles, antigen-antibody, and drug candidates; for assay and method development; for epitope screening and mapping; and for ligand fishing.
For more information, contact Reichert Inc., or call 716-686-4522
Visit us at SBS Booth #1225
PRINCESS Instant Assays
Cell Culture Service GmbH
Frozen cells have been shown to be very useful for cell-based screenings. The separation of cell production from the actual screening gives a lot more flexibility. In PRINCESS Instant Assays, cells are frozen directly in assay plates and can be stored at -80°C. According to your need, you take plates out of the freezer and start your assay immediately.
For more information contact Cell Culture Service GmbH,, or call +49 (0)40 471 965 60
Visit us at SBS Booth #425
I.C.E. (Instant Cell Experiments)
Analytical Biological Services Inc.
I.C.E. is a new technology that allows us to freeze cells in microtiter plates with viability post-thaw of >90%. We grow and plate the cells for you according to your specifications. Whenever you are ready, you can thaw and use them in minutes with no need for a media change. With I.C.E., your cells are always ready when you are.
For more information contact Analytical Biological Services, or call 800-391-2391 x 204
Visit us at SBS Booth #418
Kibron PLDscreen
Kibron Inc.
Kibron PLDscreen is a new unique biophysical screen for predicting the ability of compounds to induce phospholipidosis, with superior accuracy and real-time results. The high throughput (up to 2000 compounds/week), minimal compound consumption (less than 1 mg) and manual labor needed allow for high performance and cost-efficient screening of phospholipidosis.
For more information contact Kibron Inc., or call +358 9 6811 920
Visit us at SBS Booth #628
Sandwich-Style Magnetic Stir Elements
V&P Scientific, Inc.
V&P's Sandwich-Style Magnetic Stir Elements, made of the strongest permanent magnetic material, are designed for vigorous stirring of viscous liquids. Neodymium iron boron or samarium cobalt magnets are coated in Parylene to prevent corrosion and leaching. The magnets are encased in PTFE to provide rigidity and the ability to custom shape the Stir Element to fit your specific application needs.
For more information contact V&P Scientific, or call 858-455-0643, 800-455-0644 (Toll-Free)
Visit us at SBS Booth #1310
Cosmo Bio USA
The ARTEMIS is a time-resolved-fluorescence-resonance-energy-transfer (TR-FRET) microplate reader dedicated to utilize Cisbio's (booth 701) patented Homogenous Time Resolved Fluorescence (HTRF) assay kits. Since the ARTEMIS is a dedicated HTRF system, we are able to offer this instrument for much less than the price of competing units, while maintaining an equal or higher level of quality.
For more information, contact Cosmo Bio USA,, or call 760-431-4600,
Visit us at SBS Booth #329
XDC-96Pro High-Speed Capper/Recapper
Biosero LLC
The XDC-96 Decapper eliminates the need to manually remove the caps from a wide variety of 0.5mL, 0.75mL and 1.4mL septum sealed tubes, dramatically improving productivity by eliminating the need for septum piercing capability. It includes the ability to dispose the caps or re-cap the same caps back into the same tubes eliminating the need to manually re-cap.
For more information, contact Biosero LLC,, or call 661-284-6650
Visit us at SBS Booth #1905
Mithras Multimode Microplate Reader
Berthold Technologies
Mithras, the extremely versatile multimode reader from Berthold Technologies offers you a wide variety of technologies as there are luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence (top and bottom), fluorescence polarization (FP), AlphaScreen, BRET, FRET and time-resolved fluorescence in microtiter plates. The Mithras operates with dedicated optical paths (DOPS) to ensure the best available performance for each technology. For medium-level throughput environments, the instrument can be equipped with a stacker.
For more information, contact Berthold Technologies,, or call 49-7081-177-0
Visit us at SBS Booth #325
Nuclear Receptor Services
Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG
Phenex offers a range of services and assays around nuclear receptors. We are the specialist company in selectivity profiling of nuclear receptor targeted drugs (27 human nuclear receptor assays available) and in assessing selective nuclear receptor modulator drugs by Yeast-2-Hybrid and FRET-based cofactor profiling (selective PPAR, ER, MR, AR, LXR, FXR, RXR, RAR, VDR, TR modulators)
For more information, contact Phenex Pharmaceuticals,, or call +49-621-671960-0
Visit us at SBS Booth #318
Renin Assay Kits (520 and 390)
AnaSpec Inc.
Offering 40 times greater sensitivity than the next leading brand, AnaSpec's new Renin Inhibitor Screening Assay Kits are the most sensitive on the market. Combining high performance with speed and convenience, Renin Assay kits are homogeneous, continuous assays that are optimized for HTS. With a focus on innovation, AnaSpec is perfecting the science of trust.)
For more information, contact AnaSpec Inc,, or call 800-452-5530
Visit us at SBS Booth #408
Equator HTS/2
Deerac Fluidics
Deerac Fluidics Equator HTS/2 system is the next generation of the highly successful Equator series of liquid handling systems for rapid assembly of low-volume assays. The HTS/2 system has two automated plate positions and both plate positions are accessible to robotic arms, enabling unattended operation. In field testing, the HTS/2 has been used to set up 1,000 384-well plates/day.
For more information, contact Deerac Fluidics,, or call 888-433-3722
Visit us at SBS Booth #808

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