Enzyme supply agreement

DNA sequencing specialist Solexa

Randall C Willis
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HAYWARD, Calif.—DNA sequencing specialist Solexa announced it has reached an agreement with New England Biolabs (NEB) to provide Solexa with key enzymes and reagents for its Genome Analysis System. NEB will also manufacture Solexa's proprietary sequencing-by-synthesis polymerase.
"Having a strong relationship with a leader in next-generation sequencing technologies is of great value to NEB, allowing us to contribute to an area which has the potential to change both biological research and the practice of human medicine," stated Dr. Fiona Stewart, NEB business development manager.
The agreement follows closely on the heels of a similar collaboration between Solexa and Invitrogen that will see the consumables company supply Solexa with reagents for its sequencing system.

Randall C Willis

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