New Hope for Malaria Vaccines

Newly designed malaria vaccines are bringing life-saving treatments to people around the world.

Malaria is one of the deadliest diseases worldwide. In 2021, the first approved malaria vaccine came to fruition, but its effectiveness remains low. New, more effective malaria vaccines are now in clinical trials, indicating that effective malaria prevention may soon be within reach. In this webinar, experts will discuss critical developments toward the next malaria vaccine.

Topics to be covered

  • Using plasmodium falciparum to protect against malaria and treat chronic liver disease
  • Developing a cross-species malaria vaccine to protect during pregnancy

Wednesday, June 15th, 2023 | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time
This webinar will be available to view live and on demand.


Stephen L. Hoffman, MD, DSc (hon)

Stephen L. Hoffman, MD, DSc (hon)

Chief Executive and Scientific Officer
Sanaria Inc.

Stephanie Yanow, PhD

Stephanie Yanow, PhD

Professor in Global Health
School of Public Health
University of Alberta

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