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From Reprogramming to Differentiation – Transfection Applications for Stem Cell Research

Differentiation and reprogramming techniques are imperative in stem cell research and require virus-free applications for biotherapeutic and new drug development. Mirus Bio presents a suite of TransIT® Transfection Reagents and an Ingenio® Electroporation Kit that are high efficiency, low toxicity DNA and RNA delivery solutions validated for a variety of stem cell applications.

Humanized NSG mice for infectious disease research

Humanized NSGTM* mice are used by researchers and drug discovery scientists as powerful tools to study hematopoiesis, inflammatory disease, viral host-pathogen interactions, and are accelerating the development of novel therapies in oncology. How to select the appropriate model for your research are important considerations for conducting impactful research using humanized mice and are the focus of this paper.
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