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Cell Analysis

The Accuri® C6 Flow Cytometer® represents a dramatic step forward in flow cytometry and cell analysis. Now researchers have access to a high-capability analytical cytometer at an affordable price. The benchtop-sized C6 makes a powerful research tool available to a much wider range of life scientists. This article examines a variety of biological applications that take advantage of the C6’s cellular analysis capabilities.

Stellaris RNA FISH: Detection, Localization, and Quantification of mRNA at the Cellular Level

Presented here is a new method for in situ RNA detection, the Stellaris™ FISH technology, which enables simultaneous detection, localization, and quantification of individual RNA molecules at the cellular level. This technique provides a high degree of specificity and sensitivity, is ideal for applications that analyze transcription site activity, protein- RNA interactions and mRNA translocation events, and holds promise for future diagnostic applications.

SDIX® mAb Discovery Engine

SDIX® has developed an antibody engine (mAb discovery engine) for discovery of antibodies to transmembrane proteins like G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The mAb discovery engine generates panels of diverse antibodies in terms of sequence, somatic hypermutation, epitopes, and performance. The mAb discovery engine is a platform that is capable of routinely generating antibody candidates that are diverse, functional and novel.
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