Unraveling the Tumor Microenvironment with Single Cell Analysis 

Advanced sequencing technologies help scientists delineate tumor heterogeneity. 

The tumor microenvironment consists of a heterogeneous collection of cells with intricate genetic diversity. Recent advances in single cell technologies lead to a detailed understanding of the genetic alternations and cellular dynamics underlying tumors, providing valuable insights into the molecular mechanisms of cancer progression. In this webinar, Fei Chen and Alex K. Shalek will discuss the role of single cell sequencing in unraveling the complex tumor landscape.

Topics to be covered

  • Characterizing intratumor genetic heterogeneity with spatial transcriptomics 
  • Identifying tumor cell types and states with single cell RNA sequencing

Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Time
This webinar will be available to view live and on demand.


Fei Chen, PhD

Fei Chen, PhD

Core Faculty Member
Broad Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University

Alex K. Shalek, PhD

Alex K. Shalek, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

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