Ultivue showcases 9-Color multiplex IHC panel at SITC

Ultivue releases a breakthrough 9-Color multiplex IHC panel achieving same day sample-to-analysis at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Annual Meeting 2018

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Ultivue, a life science company developing reagent-driven strategies for high-performance biological imaging in situ, has announced expanded capabilities of its proprietary InSituPlex DNA-barcoding and staining technology. InSituPlex now supports a higher level of multiplexed detection and quantification of markers in tissue samples, while retaining all the benefits of the company’s UltiMapper assays.
“We are delighted to introduce our 9-color/8-marker whole-slide, single staining step multiplexing assay which provides exceptional data quality and throughput, with sample-to-analysis workflow achieved in a single workday, using instrumentation and software solutions currently found in most immunohistochemistry laboratories,” said Philippe Mourere, Ultivue’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations.
Data illustrating the assay workflow and performance will be presented in the poster sessions on Saturday, November 10th by Dr. Gourab Chatterjee, Scientist at Ultivue.
“Ultivue continues executing its strategic plan by delivering breakthrough innovations that fuel our portfolios of Products and Services, making tissue multiplexing a realized assay from exploratory discovery to translational and clinical research,” added Mourere.
Ultivue’s scientific team is also presenting 5 high impact posters at the upcoming SITC Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., from November 7 - 11th. Data will showcase the performance of two new UltiMapper I/O research kits for the detection and quantitation of antigen-presenting cells (APC), and the characterization of T-cell activation (T-act) in tumor tissue samples. Ultivue’s APC kit (CD11c, CD20, CD68/CD163, MHC II) and T-act kit (CD3, GranzymeB, Ki67, CK/Sox10) synergistically complement the existing UltiMapper I/O PD-L1 and PD-1 kits for the holistic immuno-profiling of the tumor microenvironment.
“We will also present new data on the expansion of the automated UltiMapper protocol and workflows, as well as data illustrating differentiated PD-L1 expression levels on multiple cell types,” noted Karan Sharma, Product Manager at Ultivue. “Additionally, InSituPlex technology improvements, and robust assay verification data will be presented as evidence of exceptional assay performance and reproducibility in a wide range of FPPE tissue samples.”
Ultivue’s team will be available to engage with the SITC community and discuss your current and future research projects at booth #625, throughout the duration of the conference.
Ultivue’s scientists will also be presenting at the following poster numbers and dates:
Friday, November 9, 12:45 PM-2:15 PM & 6:30 PM-8 PM
• P39: PD-L1 expression on tumor versus antigen presenting cells investigated with multiplexed IHC using UltiMapper I/O assays
• P627: From staining to analysis: fully automated workflow for multiplexed immuno-profiling in FFPE tumor samples using UltiMapper reagent kits
Saturday, November 10, 12:20 PM-1:50 PM & 7 PM-8:30 PM
• P38: Highly multiplex spatial immuno-profiling in FFPE tumor tissue with InSituPlex technology
• P40: Intra-assay and inter-assay assessment of reproducibility and quantification of UltiMapper I/O PD-1 and PD-L1 immuno-oncology panels for tissue multiplexing
• P654: T-cell Profiling in cancer tissue with multiplexed IHC using UltiMapper I/O assays

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