TIBCO, ChemAxon integrate analytics data management applications

TIBCO Software Inc. and ChemAxon, providers of chemical software development platforms and desktop applications for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, announced in February the full integration of the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform with ChemAxon’s Instant JChem data management application

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SOMERVILLE, Mass.—TIBCO Software Inc. and ChemAxon,providers of chemical software development platforms and desktop applicationsfor the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, announced in February thefull integration of the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform with ChemAxon'sInstant JChem data management application. Through this integration, new levelsof visualization, analysis and exploration will be available to the lifescience community, according to the companies.
Designed specifically for end users, Instant JChem isChemAxon's desktop chemistry solution that allows scientists to manage andsearch chemical structures and related information. Through JChem, scientistscan create, explore and share chemical and non-chemical data stored in localand remote databases.
With this integration, Instant JChem's data generation andmanagement capabilities are now fully exposed to the TIBCO Spotfire AnalyticsPlatform, bringing scientists new levels of chemical search, analysis andvisualization capabilities in order to speed and refine the analytic process,the companies say.
Using TIBCO Spotfire, chemists can evaluate anever-increasing amount of data derived from screening, ADME and chemistryresearch efforts focusing on compound series. This allows them to take fulladvantage of the information to make the best decisions regarding theprioritization of which compounds to synthesize. TIBCO Spotfire easilyaccommodates new information and allows chemists to spot trends in complexdatasets through the use of multiple linking visualizations and chemicalstructure viewing.
"We're constantly seeking ways to provide increased value tothe life-science community," says Ben McGraw, director of life-science industrysolutions for Spotfire. "One of our goals is to partner with leading solutionproviders in each discipline within life science. By providing an integratedoffering that works with Instant JChem, we feel we're delivering a valuablesolution to the chemical scientist."
"TIBCO Spotfire is the acknowledged industry standard in thefield of visualization and analysis tools for scientists, and is used aroundthe world," adds Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon. "This partnership follows ourstrategy of working with market leaders to provide integrated solutions thatbring new levels of efficiency and capability in chemical research."

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