Targeting immune cells in vaccination

AbVision announces first-in-class active targeting vaccine candidate for COVID-19

DDNews Staff
MILPITAS, Calif.—Biopharmaceutical company AbVision Inc. announced May 1 that the company has developed a first-in-class COVID-19 vaccine (AVI-205) with an active targeting feature, powered by its patented ImmunoBuster-IITM Active Targeting Vaccine Platform.
This novel COVID-19 vaccine actively targets immune cells upon injection as compared to the passive diffusion mechanism of traditional vaccines, according to AbVision, generating strong SARS-CoV-2 S1-hACE2 neutralizing immune response in less than a week as compared to a two weeks similar response from traditional vaccines.
The company has now successfully completed preclinical studies and generated what is says are promising data. As a result, this novel COVID-19 vaccine candidate is now available for out-licensing and collaborations for downstream development and clinical studies, according to AbVision.
The company’s ImmunoBuster-II Active Targeting Vaccine Platform is, as described by AbVision, “a first-in-class potent immune activator with targeting feature, created on top of the innovation of the Company’s renowned ImmunoBuster-ITM technology. Vaccines powered by ImmunoBuster-IITM can elicit robust isotype switched IgG response in less than a week and maintain long-lasting IgG response for more than three weeks post vaccination.”
Reportedly, ImmunoBuster-IITM can work synergistically with essentially all commercially available vaccines to elicit faster and stronger neutralizing immunity than current vaccinations.

DDNews Staff

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