Tackling kinases

High-throughput assay specialist Carna Biosciences

Randall C Willis
KOBE, Japan—High-throughput assay specialist Carna Biosciences and chemical library company Enamine announced they would collaborate on the discovery and development of lead compounds against a targeted kinase.
The companies did not specify which kinase they had targeted other than to say that it was related to cancer research. Under the terms of the agreement, Enamine will develop kinase-focused libraries using computational docking techniques and Carna will screen these libraries using a variety of in-house assay systems.
Dr. Andrei Tolmachev, president and CEO of Enamine, sees the collaboration as a strong application of the complementary skill sets of each company. The companies expect to license any positive compounds arising from the screen to pharmaceutical companies for further development, says Kohichiro Yoshino, Carna president and CEO. Financial details of the collaboration were not released.

Randall C Willis

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