Small Molecule, Big Platform

A collaborative web-based platform brings drug discovery to the digital era.

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Product Highlights
Torx® software organizes the design, make, test, analyze cycle of drug discovery and streamlines collaboration.

From video conferencing to document sharing, online workspace collaboration has become the new normal. However, collaborating electronically across research teams requires additional considerations. Drug discovery researchers often need to share large files containing complex chemical formulas and big data that exceed the capacity of typical online sharing platforms. 

Drug discovery involves a cycle of designing, making, testing, and analyzing molecules. These tasks are performed by different teams that are sometimes spread across the globe. Each step in the cycle depends on results from the previous step, making data-sharing and coordination across teams critical to drug discovery. 

Torx®  is a web-based platform designed specifically for medicinal and synthetic chemists and discovery program managers. The platform consists of four modules for each step in the drug discovery cycle. Each module is uniquely optimized for chemistry-based discovery and works seamlessly together to cover the entire drug discovery process. With Torx Design, scientists can sketch 2D and 3D models of molecules. Torx Make enables them to track the synthesis and progress of candidate compounds. Torx Test automatically records biological and physiochemical data. Finally, Torx Analyze collates analyzed data to inform future drug design iterations. Altogether, the Torx platform records all experimental changes and communications in real time, bridging the gap across organizations and research teams and accelerating the process of drug discovery.


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