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Ingenuity-Integromics integration offers comprehensive genomics analysis

Jeffrey Bouley
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—Ingenuity Systems and Madrid, Spain-based Integromics S.L. announced in mid-June the integration of RealTime StatMiner and Integromics Biomarker Discovery (IBD) for Tibco Spotfire with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA).
This combined platform is intended to offer researchers "a uniform solution to visualize and statistically assess genomics data, and then identify relevant biological processes and pathways," according to the companies.

Reportedly, researchers can now leverage a streamlined workflow to send the data from RealTime StatMiner, a step-by-step workflow-oriented solution for RT-qPCR data analysis directly into IPA. Likewise, data from IBD for Tibco Spotfire, an application to pre-process, normalize and interpret raw microarray gene expression data, can also be sent directly into IPA. The result, the companies say, is better modeling, analysis and understanding of biological data.

The overriding objective is to provide joint customers with relevant workflows that help them best understand their gene expression data, says Tuan Nguyen, vice president of partner and professional services for Ingenuity Systems. "We felt it was important to provide a streamlined way for researchers to move from raw data analysis to understanding relevant biology. RealTime StatMiner and IBD for Tibco Spotfire together with IPA offer a complete and reliable platform to provide researchers with confidence in their data analysis and interpretation."

"This integration enables scientists working with microarrays to perform an in-depth statistical analysis using Integromic's tools such as RealTime StatMiner and Integromics Biomarker Discovery," says Heidi Bullock, director of marketing for Ingenuity Systems, "and then with a single click, move to IPA to identify relevant biological functions, diseases or pathways associated with the data."

It is increasingly important to incorporate different technologies and strategies to fully examine a complex system, she notes, and by including statistical analysis of gene expression data and or RT-qPCR data, and then incorporating knowledge for significant genes and pathways, scientists can have more confidence and build a stronger experimental model.

"Integromics' data analysis solutions have been well adopted in the market as easy-to-use tools for researchers to analyze their expression data for statistical and biological significance," says Alberto Pascual, vice president of research and development for Integromics. "Once significant genes are identified, researchers can now easily leverage the analysis capabilities and content in IPA to gain a deeper understanding of biological context and functions involved in their dataset."

Integromics provides researchers with excellent tools for visualization and statistical analysis of genomics data, Bullock notes, while the content in IPA covers a broad range of therapeutic areas, drugable classes of proteins and key regulatory events. As such, scientists can rapidly go from creating testable hypotheses to understanding mechanism of disease, drug mechanism of action, identifying or validating targets or assessing toxicity and safety.

"We were both pleasantly surprised by how quickly [our] customers leveraged the integration, and how they continually come up with novel ways to get the most out of the tools," Bullock adds.

Jeffrey Bouley

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