Publishers’ commentary: From an amazing 2016 to a promising 2017

Reviewing the past year and highlighting what's to come in DDNews

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The time has come once again to look at where we’ve come over the past year and plan for the future. Or, more accurately, act on the future, since we completed 2017 editorial planning months ago (in fact, you can get a copy of our media kit and editorial calendar on our website at
If 2016 was any indication, we have a wild—and exciting—ride ahead of us.
Last year, we put out our largest issue ever in more than a decade of publishing DDNews—our very first 56-page folio in March. It was an event that pleased us not simply because of the many ad pages that made such a folio possible, but because of the strong editorial content and loyal readership that combine to make up the core and, if we may be so metaphysical as to say so, the soul of the publication.
And as it turned out, we (thankfully) weren’t meant to rest on those laurels, as we produced another 56-page issue in June. And then again in September and, with no chance to catch a breath after this “three-peat,” we did a fourth and final 56-page issue in 2016 in October.
Last year also marked a subtle addition to the magazine—in addition to the Special Report features and Show Preview features we’ve had for years, we added Special Focus feature material in July (on Zika virus R&D) and September (on immuno-oncology news).
The Special Focus features, which were ad-hoc content in 2016, were meant to be a kind of hybrid of the news coverage that characterizes most of what we do at DDNews and the feature style of the Special Reports that Randall C Willis so expertly handles throughout each year. In 2017, those Special Focus features take on a more defined form and are now an official part of our editorial calendar. In February, July, October and December, we will have Special Focus features dealing with cancer research news, and in May we will have one focused on CRISPR technology and usage.
As our growth and the additions to our content show, we do not stand still. Just as our readers—most of you bench-level researchers or supervisors of the same—are constantly adjusting to new science, new technology and new life-sciences/pharma/biotech challenges, so too are we endeavoring to make sure you always get the news you need and the news and information you didn’t even know you needed yet.
We thank you for your support in 2016 and eagerly move into 2017 to serve your needs even better.

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