Publishers’ commentary: A year in review and a year’s preview

The publishers of DDNews check in with their annual look back and look forward for readers of the magazine and visitors of our websites

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Once again, the end of the year is upon us. Well, not literally, unless you happen to be opening this issue on Dec. 31 to read this, but with our last issue of 2018 now in your hands (or on your screen), we wanted to thank you for your continued readership and welcome you in advance to another year of pharma and biotech news from discovery to development to trials—and sometimes beyond.
We cover any therapeutic base there is to cover (within the limits of our number of pages and time to update the website), but admittedly cancer is both our most popular among our readers and perhaps our favorite area, too. Other big topics have loomed large this year, from CRISPR gene editing to neuroscience (especially Alzheimer’s disease) and a boom in liver disease therapeutics, especially for the under-served disease NASH (see “A look at the markets” on page 3), and we’ve had special reports this year on cardiovascular disease, epigenetics, drug delivery, stem cells, molecular diagnostics and more.
But cancer holds a special place in our pages (and online, with our Cancer Research News sister website to go along with our main site at We virtually started this year off with a cancer research focus feature in February, followed the next issue by another cancer feature in conjunction with our coverage of the AACR meeting, then two cancer features in June, immuno-oncology coverage in July, a breast cancer feature in October and now one more beginning on page 20 of this issue.
Certainly there will be more cancer coverage next year, from individual news stories to at least four feature sections on cancer in 2019, but what else do you have to look forward to in 2019?
We’ll be taking in-depth looks at microbiomics, autoimmunity and immunology, neuroscience, drug screening, stem cells, cell biology, liver and gastrointestinal disease, artificial intelligence and CRISPR. And along with that, a plethora of news stories spanning the entire range of therapeutics and diagnostics.
Thanks as always for being on this ride with us, and we can’t wait to see you in 2019 so we can all break our new year’s resolutions while staying up to date with pharma and biotech news.

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