Publishers' commentary: A decade down and more to come

DDNews’ publishers give you an update on why the magazine continues to thrive and how it serves the needs of you, the reader, as well as letting you know about some of the changes it has undergone over the past year, both in the physical issue and online

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This December 2014 issue marks the completion of 10 years of our continued mission to provide a news-focused publication that delivers industry deals, progress and breakthroughs to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, drug discovery/development and biotech sectors. We cover it all, from concept through clinical trials, and news is what has defined and set us apart from other publications.
As we see it, our reader market uses three levels of information sources:
  1. Information that you know. This would include publications that continue to publish information that the reader is already aware of, and thus the content is aged.
  2. Information you know that you don’t already know. This has been served in the past by magazines and journals and is now being fortified by internet searches.
  3. Information you don’t know that you don’t know.
That third one is where DDNews comes in, letting readers know of information like mergers, collaborations, downsizing, new products and technology and other news that may impact their jobs and success. DDNews provides readers with the story, the backstory and a sense of what the industry-wide ripples might be.
This past year, our editorial departments in the magazine evolved to represent each process of the pharma pipeline: discovery, research and development, preclinical, clinical trials, diagnostics and government activities such as regulation, approvals and funding. Continuing to make DDNews reader-friendly, we have added “In This Section” boxes where, at a glance, you will see the subject of each story within that department, often listed by therapeutic area.
Also, although we retired the Tools & Technology department this year, its theme found new life late this year as instrumentation and software stories scattered throughout the publication but highlighted on the cover and featuring a consistent Tools & Technology graphic.
With our continued effort to provide a reader-friendly publication, the paper on which we print DDNews is changing to a brighter, semigloss finish. This will make the content easier on the eyes, will improve graphic reproduction and enhance the message from our advertisers. Though our history has been newspaper stock, our news mission remains the same, and we are confident you will appreciate the upgraded paper.
You can also find us on the monitor of your computers and mobile devices.
DDNews Online is our biweekly e-newsletter that continues to update current stories and introduce breaking news. There is also the DDNews website ( and Cancer Research News website ( These sister sites provide a portal for daily updates, additional in-depth news, industry resources, white papers, product literature and archived issues.
Our E-Products & Services Showcase is emailed quarterly in a digest format with new product and services information, while the E-Top 5 Stories is emailed monthly to provide links to what our editors consider to be the major or most popular news of the month. And for a third “e,” our E-Table of Contents, emailed before our print issue so that you can preview our upcoming issue content.
In other online activity, our use of social media has continued to expand with a relaunch of our Facebook page this past year, titled DDNewsOnline, more activity on Twitter (@DDNewsOnline) and postings through our LinkedIn accounts. All of this to stay focused on creating and delivering content that engages you and encourages you to share news updates across your own social networks. Also, our editors are looking at social networking to help track the downstream impact our news has on the industry and our readers. Through these social channels, you communicate directly with us—a priceless interaction.
And, finally, we know many of you are on the move and nearly all social media has become mobile phone-based. We are currently investing in our web, social media and digital news capabilities to be sure these platforms are cellphone-friendly so readers can access content where and when they want.
Our goal is to make you stakeholders and partners in what we do. While we deliver the news, we believe anyone and everyone should express and share their opinions on what we do. Social media helps close the loop in this process, and makes us all better for it.
Be it in print, the websites, e-news, a tweet or something else, DDNews is delivering the news you need to be relevant and stay ahead of the game.

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