Products released at LabAutomation 2007

Thermo Fisher, Qiagen, Xiril, Micronic, Corning, Hamilton

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Nautilus LIMS, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nautilus LIMS ensures that research organi­zations can keep pace with changes in ana­lytical techniques and manage increased data volumes. Version 8.0, available for demo at LabAutomation, provides more user interaction in plate-handling, enhanced report­ing, and better data segregation—all in a new, user-friendly GUI. The result is greater speed and efficiency in data archiving, management and plate planning.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
LabAutomation Booth # 2207
The revolutionary QIAcube makes automated sample prep available to all labs. The plug-and-play instrument simplifies and streamlines your purification procedures by fully automating trusted QIAGEN spin-column kits. No change of chemistry is required, assuring fast startup and immediate results. The QIAcube is highly suit­able for academic research laboratories as well as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and biomedi­cal research laboratories.
LabAutomation Booth # 456
Dispomix Homogenization Technology, Xiril AG
No cross-contamination, no risk of infection, no cleaning, sterile, safe, and reproducible: the Dispomix homogenization technology provides revolutionary new features to a broad range of sample homogenization or dispersion, greatly avoiding the disadvantages of conventional methods. Its ease of use and convenience of processing makes it the preferred choice for a formerly tedious and cumbersome process for the broadest range of laboratories and applications.
Xiril AG
+41 55 254 7777.
Lab Automation Booth # 211
2D Bar-coded Sample Storage Tubes, Micronic North America
Laser-etched 2D Data Matrix code for permanent sample identification is encripted into the bottom of each tube. The screw caps have a silicon "O" ring which makes them ideal for long-term storage at ultralow tempera­tures. Six different color caps are available for easy identification. Gross volume, 0.49 mL; working volume with screw cap is 0.19 mL; V-shape bot­tom for maximum sample recovery.
Micronic North America
Lab Automation Booth # 570
Varioskan Flash, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Varioskan Flash is a spectral scanning multimode reader with fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, photometric, and luminometric detec­tion technologies. It provides optimal performance to speed up assay devel­opment with unlimited wavelength selection, up to three onboard dis­pensers, utmost optical performance and the advanced SkanIt® Software. Varioskan Flash is designed for auto­mated systems, offering easy inte­gration and reading up to 1536-well plates.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
LabAutomation Booth # 2207.
Epic System, Corning Inc.
The Corning Epic System is a new high-throughput label-free screening platform that uses simpler assays to screen novel targets and detect biomo­lecular interactions that are otherwise unable to be observed. Consisting of an SBS-standard 384-well microplate with optical biosensors inside each well and an HTS-compatible micro­plate reader, the Epic System is appli­cable to both biochemical and cell-based assays.
Corning Inc.
LabAutomation Booth # 304
Microlab STAR, Hamilton Company
The STAR-line is Hamilton Company's new generation of liquid-handling robotic workstations. The STAR's con­trol process monitors liquids during both the aspiration and dispensing steps. All systems are installed using a gravimetric test that satisfies IQ/OQ requirements. These tests can also be run to insure accuracy following maintenance on the pipetting chan­nels.
Hamilton Co.

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