PerkinElmer launches next-generation DNA sequencing and analysis services

Based in the company’s state-of-the-art sequencing lab in Branford, Conn., the new services reportedly will offer scientists “an unmatched capability” to outsource their genome sequencing requirements and better explore the genomic origins of disease

Jeffrey Bouley
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WALTHAM, Mass.—PerkinElmer Inc., announced this week the launch of its next-generation DNA sequencing and data analysis services through the company's state-of-the-art sequencing lab in Branford, Conn., to enable researchers to better explore the genomic origins of disease—a services that it says will "offer scientists an unmatched capability to outsource their genome sequencing requirements."

PerkinElmer describes the service as "secure and scalable" and explains that the sequencing platforms and software suites are backed by an Internet-enabled "private cloud" for robust and secure "anytime, anywhere" genomic data interpretation and analysis by customers, promoting ease of access along with maximum data security.
This on-demand-style sequencing and analysis offering, it is hoped, will provide scientists with broadened access to the benefits of next-generation sequencing in understanding critical disease states at the DNA level, without the burden of creating and supporting costly in-house solutions.

"There is strong demand for the type of highly targeted outsourced genome sequencing and analysis services that PerkinElmer offers. With our new services, we are meeting customers' needs for highly actionable information on how to combat disease—not just providing data on a hard drive," says Dr. Richard Begley, president of emerging technologies for PerkinElmer.

He says the sequencing and analysis services will provide life scientists with seamless, efficient, high-value and cost-effective human and mouse exome resequencing, which focuses on those parts of the genome where the vast majority of disease-relevant information is derived. This approach enables faster, actionable, disease-relevant results for researchers, without the higher costs associated with whole-genome screening.

"We are confident that our technology-agnostic approach—whereby PerkinElmer continually seeks best-in-class platforms to support client requirements—is the correct model for providing pharma and academic researchers with valuable genomic information," Befley adds. "Through our services, they can achieve results without the associated expense of building in-house capabilities and headcount, dealing with obsolescence in a fast-changing field, or incurring the costs of whole-genome approaches for research paths that may not require them."

Jeffrey Bouley

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