Orion reports positive results for OB-002O

Investigational therapeutic for Colorectal Cancer shows promise in preclinical study

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OTTAWA—Orion Biotechnology Canada Ltd. recently announced preclinical data produced in collaboration with Charles River Laboratories evaluating the efficacy of OB-002O (5P12-RANTES) in colorectal cancer.
In the research, BALB/c mice were inoculated subcutaneously with the CT-26 colorectal cancer cell line. Three days after inoculation intraperitoneal treatment was started with OB-002O, a murine anti-PD-1 antibody, OB-002O + anti-PD-1, or saline placebo. Treatment was given daily or every third day. Treatment with OB-0020 alone led to statistically significant delayed tumor growth at multiple time-points. An even more profound effect on the decrease in mean tumor volume was observed in combination cohort where animals received both, OB-002O and the anti-PD-1 antibody (p>0.05).
“There is growing awareness of the role of CCR5 antagonism as an important component of cancer immunotherapy. OB-002O is an extremely potent CCR5 antagonist and we are delighted to see that OB-002O has robust efficacy alone and in combination with an anti-PD-1 antibody in the CT-26 colorectal cancer model. These data support the further preclinical and clinical development of OB-002O for colorectal cancer,” said Dr. Ian McGowan, chief scientific officer for Orion Biotechnology.
Added Mark Groper, president and CEO of Orion Biotechnology: “We are delighted by these preliminary data and look forward to the later stage development of OB-002O in colorectal cancer as well as exploring the efficacy of OB-002O in other cancer models.”
Orion Biotechnology is a privately held pharmaceutical company founded on the vision of “radically improving the health of the global population through successful treatment and prevention of the most serious chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.” Since 2011, Orion has been developing a pipeline of potential products based on novel formulations discovered in different parts of the world, with the company noting, “Our close ties to diverse institutions and experts around the globe continue to stimulate the rapid discovery of promising new treatments.” The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia.

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