Opening Up Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Industry Through eLearning

Online programs help scientists expand their skills for an advanced career in drug development.

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A female pharmaceutical scientist analyzes a tube containing red liquid during the drug discovery process.
The University of Cincinnati’s master’s of pharmaceutical science program opens up new opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry through online learning.

Drug development is an arduous process that can take more than a decade and involve numerous scientific, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, and business considerations. Working in the pharmaceutical industry requires a unique interdisciplinary understanding of science and the drug development process as a whole. While professionals may wish to obtain an advanced degree, it may be unrealistic to return to school full time.

The online master of science in pharmaceutical sciences (MS Pharm Sci) program at the University of Cincinnati engages individuals in a cross-disciplinary learning environment led by experts from industry-leading companies with real world insights. Although attending online, students have access to the same curricula and professors as students who choose to attend in person.

The University of Cincinnati’s MS Pharm Sci program covers all phases of drug development, from drug discovery to approval and beyond. Students also have the unique opportunity to learn about drug discovery through the lens of pharmacogenomics. Understanding how genomics, the environment, and patient-specific factors affect drug responses is the next step in pharmacology and precision healthcare. 

The skills students gain from the University of Cincinnati’s MS Pharm Sci program help them advance into other career roles such as research scientist, business manager, regulatory affairs specialist, and strategist.  With a growing need for talent in the pharmaceutical field, this program will help individuals take their place in the drug development industry.

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