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UPPSALA, Sweden—We start our monthly review of some of the most recent hardware and software releases with a trip to Sweden—a virtual one, at least—for news of the release of Olink Explore 1536 from Olink Proteomics AB.
The new tool combines the company’s unique proximity extension assay (PEA) high-multiplex immunoassay technology with next-generation sequencing (NGS) readout on the Illumina NovaSeq platform. Olink Explore 1536 reportedly has several groundbreaking features that overcome significant limitations in other proteomic technologies, including increased performance in terms of multiplexing and throughput.
“I am extremely proud of the Olink team that has been able to take this technology leap and apply NGS as our readout platform. A lot of efforts have been made to respond to a rapidly growing unmet need; drastically increase multiplexing, throughput, drive cost down and leveraging a large installed base to increase access,” saids Jon Heimer, CEO of Olink Proteomics.
Olink Explore 1536 enables rapid measurement of more than 1,460 human proteins in only <3 µL of plasma or serum. These carefully selected proteins provide broad coverage of the low abundant plasma proteome, and this is just the first major step in the development of Olink’s planned NGS-based library. The power of the NGS platform, combined with a semi-automated assay workflow, enables what the company calls “unprecedented levels of throughput,” with more than 1.35 million protein measurements/week/system.
For a few other other quick bites of tools and tech news, read on below.

ValGenesis VLMS digitizes validation lifecycle processes
SAN FRANCISCO—ValGenesis Inc., a market leader in enterprise validation lifecycle management solutions, recently announced that a fast-growing, research-based biopharmaceutical company focused on autoimmune diseases and cancer has chosen the ValGenesis Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS), an electronic, end-to-end SaaS-based system, to digitize and standardize the computer system validation (CSV) process across the organization.
The increasing globalization of the company’s research and development functions contributed to highly complex information systems. Realizing the need for a complete digital transformation of its CSV processes, the company chose the ValGenesis VLMS on account of its industry-specific functionality, which offers the potential for dramatic improvements in its current validation processes.
“As a pioneer in 100-percent paperless validation lifecycle management solutions, ValGenesis has extensive experience in validating all systems prevalent in life-science companies, ensuring data integrity and full adherence to all regulatory requirements,” said Narayan Raj, senior vice president of global sales and operations at ValGenesis.

Aigenpulse introduces novel data intelligence platform
OXFORDSHIRE, U.K.—Life-sciences and data technology innovator Aigenpulse is introducing a new state-of-the-art data intelligence platform which is designed to expedite the drug discovery and development process. The Aigenpulse platform is said to harness the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to deliver advanced analytics to underpin scientific decision making.
Aigenpulse has built the data-agnostic platform for importing, integrating, processing, linking, visualizing, exploring and analyzing biological data across multiple sources and types into a common frame of reference. It enables users to safely leverage all their data assets to create new insights, build predictive foresight and share findings with stakeholders.
The Aigenpulse Platform is configurable and modular and can be tailored to cater for various data types and business needs.

DNASTAR releases Lasergene 17.1 software
MADISON, Wis.—DNASTAR has released Lasergene 17.1, which includes significant updates to the core molecular biology and sequencing analysis applications within the Lasergene software suite. In response to customer requests, DNASTAR has expanded MegAlign Pro, the multiple sequence alignment program, to include sequence editing capabilities such as trimming and reverse complement, as well as expanded phylogenetic analysis options. The software now offers an easy-to-use interface for creating Maximum Likelihood trees and bootstrapping calculations.
For users working with sequencing data, Lasergene 17.1 includes many new enhancements for Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing and long-read sequencing technologies. This release expands on the new SeqMan Ultra application, which was launched earlier this year, to include support for multiple sample analysis and visualization in a single project.

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