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Leading off our roundup of tools for pharma and biotech, late June brought news that BioTek’s Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader received expanded certification from Cisbio Bioassays for their proprietary HTRF technology, a TR-FRET assay platform used in the life sciences. Synergy Neo2 was recently updated with an optional TRF laser. The TRF laser provides ultra-fast measurement speed, along with optimal sensitivity for critical screening applications like time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TR-FRET) assays. Synergy Neo2 now offers HTRF certification with both its flash lamp and laser excitation modes, and is an ideal solution for high-throughput screening (HTS) and core labs facilitating ultra-fast processing of high-throughput biochemical and cell-based assay workflows.
“Optimizing a cellular or biochemical assay starts by choosing the right instrumentation and detection mode,” explained Xavier Amouretti, product management director at BioTek. “This is the key to the consistent assay performance necessary for the researchers who trust BioTek. Matching the new certified Synergy Neo2 TRF Laser option with the popular Cisbio proprietary HTRF technology brings the ultimate in speed and performance to many core and HTS screening laboratories.”

Mass flow controllers specifically for biotech
HATFIELD, Pa.—Brooks Instrument, a world leader in advanced flow, pressure, vacuum and vapor delivery solutions, has introduced two new mass flow controller (MFC) models designed specifically for biotechnology applications: the SLA5800 Series Biotech and the SLAMf Series Biotech. The company added special biotech option packages to both its industry-leading SLA5800 Series MFC and its hose-down/wash-down suitable SLAMf Series thermal mass flow controllers, creating a Performance Package and Premium Package for each platform.
Using the new performance-level SLA5800 Series Biotech MFC or the SLAMf Series Biotech MFC, manufacturers of biotech equipment can potentially reduce the number of MFCs they need for their equipment, allowing them to simplify their designs and reduce system costs. For end-users, the new MFCs will allow them to reduce purchasing complexity and spare parts inventory requirements.
“We focused on addressing several key bioprocessing industry challenges and developed features to enhance our proven SLA5800 Series and SLAMf Series MFCs with additional benefits for equipment manufacturers and end-users,” said Steven Kannengieszer, the company’s director of industrial marketing. “The result is a flexible, high-performance solution that combines simplicity and efficiency to deliver better gas flow control and reduce system cost and complexity.”

Abcam enters cell editing market through acquisition
CAMBRIDGE, U.K. & Beijing—Abcam plc, a global innovator in life-sciences reagents and tools, recently announced the acquisition of the entire live cell line and lysates portfolio of EdiGene Inc., a leading company focused on developing genome-editing technologies into novel therapeutics for a broad range of diseases and creative solutions to advance drug discovery.
Commenting on the acquisition, Cheri Walker, senior vice president of corporate development at Abcam, said: “We are excited to be able to bring the same level of industry-leading quality and data to the cell lines market as we have to research antibodies. The cell line market is in the early stages of development as a research tool, where the provision of more choice, with the right gene targets in the right cell lines, will allow the market to rapidly expand.”
Added Dong Wei, CEO of EdiGene: “Following our strategic decision to focus on advancing our pipeline of biotherapeutic products and high-throughput genome screening services, we are pleased to be transitioning our complete cell line portfolio to the team at Abcam. As recognized industry leaders in the provision of biologic reagents and tools, we are confident Abcam will be able to provide expert support to our global user-base.”

AutoGen launches the XTRACT 16+
HOLLISTON, Mass.—Earlier this year, AutoGen introduced its newest fully automated workflow, the XTRACT 16+, which provides fast and high-quality DNA or RNA from all molecular diagnostic, biological, clinical and forensic sample types. In addition to the applications customers have come to trust from AutoGen, this workflow offers solutions that fully automate the extraction of DNA and RNA from FFPE (including the deparaffinization step, without the use of xylene or harsh chemicals) and many other protocols.
“This instrument is a perfect addition to our already robust portfolio,” said Michael Messier, CEO of AutoGen. “The XTRACT 16+ provides solutions to the applications our customers have been asking us for. We’re proud to offer a reasonably priced, extremely reliable workflow that our customers have come to trust with our existing products. Of course, all of this will come with the same unwavering support and industry-leading service that we’ve been providing for 20 years.”

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