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MIDDLETON, Wis.—Gilson recently launched Gilson Connect, a cloud-connected platform that powers a product line of Bluetooth-enabled, smart liquid handling devices designed to help scientists achieve verifiable science. The first smart products include the TRACKMAN Connected and PIPETMAN M Connected—lab instruments designed to give scientists the ability to record and track pipette performance data in real-time and transmit them to sciNote, a free, open-source electronic lab notebook.
“Gilson is bringing the potential of the Internet of Things to the lab, creating a new standard of verifiable science and helping researchers focus on doing actual science instead of data management,” said Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson. “With the Gilson Connect platform, we envision a connected lab bench of the future in which all scientists have access to laboratory tools that communicate seamlessly with each other.”
Symcel partners with Karolinska Institutet
SPÅNGA, Sweden—Symcel, provider of the cell-based assay tool for real-time cell metabolism measurements known as calScreener, has partnered with the Karolinska Institutet in a Horizon 2020 funded project. The collaboration will see Symcel’s calScreener technology evaluated as an improved method to test for combinations of antibiotics against extensively drug resistant bacteria in sepsis patients.
“Early results from our initial tests on Symcel’s technology, carried out in our research laboratories, showed that calScreener has great promise for use in clinical laboratories and for addressing key challenges in antimicrobial susceptibility testing,” said Dr. Christian Giske, chief physician in bacteriology at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden and chairman of EUCAST, the body which sets the guidelines for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. “Antimicrobial resistance is increasing rapidly and can cause infections that are extremely difficult to treat ... Customized diagnostics solutions with rapid and accurate quantitative measurements are essential, particularly ones that have the capability to test several antimicrobials simultaneously, accurately predicting the effects of combination therapy”
Expanded preclinical scanner range
GUILDFORD, U.K.—MR Solutions is broadening its range of preclinical scanners with the launch of four CT models. This new range of CT scanners is designed to operate alone or with the clip-on PET and SPECT imaging systems developed by MR Solutions for their range of MRI scanners.
The MR Solutions family now includes six cryogen free MRI scanners with a range between 3T to 9.4T, five PET which include clip-on and within the bore and two SPECT. The new range of CT scanners have industry leading high-contrast and high resolution with zoom facilities. The company says that it is the only manufacturer to offer a comprehensive range of preclinical cryogen free MRI and CT systems with unparalleled structural imaging and completely interchangeable imaging modalities—PET and SPECT—between the two core imaging platforms. The PET and SPECT units can also be used as standalone scanners.
“As with all of our innovation, this was prompted and discussed with the world leaders in preclinical scanning,” said Dr David Taylor, founder and chairman of MR Solutions. “Their number one requirement is having the highest resolution, but particularly important is the interchangeability of the various scanning modalities and the ability to have common carriers for rapid transfers.”
A new analytics and data visualization platform
WALTHAM, Mass.—SHYFT Analytics, a cloud data analytics provider for life sciences, in late April announced the launch of Lumen, its newest data visualization platform. Developed for both clinical and commercial teams, Lumen uses advanced data-driven analytical and visual information design with the aim to empower users to quickly understand the complex interactions between patients, physicians, and care networks.
Lumen powers integrated insights across several key areas, including: real-world evidence; drug launch, planning and execution; sales optimization and performance; and market access.
“Having spent years working with the most successful biopharma companies, SHYFT understands the core set of business and market questions our customers come across every day – from launch planning to sales optimization to the patient journey,” said Priya Sapra, chief operating officer and chief product officer at SHYFT. “We designed Lumen with those issues in mind, understanding that every brand and therapeutic area comes with its own unique set of challenges that we help customers address.”

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