Next-generation microplate labeler

Agilent Automation Solutions has introduced a new microplate labeling system for automated on-demand, barcode print-and-apply applications in life science laboratories.

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Agilent Automation Solutions
Agilent Automation Solutions has introduced a new microplatelabeling system for automated on-demand, barcode print-and-apply applicationsin life science laboratories. The new Agilent Microplate Labeler provides 600dpi high resolution, crisp images and an expansive array of 1D and 2D codingsymbologies. The labeler achieves its repeatability and reliability throughhigh-precision registration, a tensioned peeling system that ensures labelbackings stay taut, certified designed-for-automation labels and durabledie-cast aluminum construction. The labeler's compact size fits easily on abenchtop, while its ability to print and apply labels at speeds of up to onelabel every four seconds allows users to achieve ambitious throughput goals.When integrated into automated systems, the labeler is powered by VWorkssoftware, an application capable of importing data and creating custom labelsfor the microplate labeler. The software enables the user to apply unique setsof data to labels on all four sides of a microplate. When operating as astandalone instrument, the labeler can be operated using the included PlateTagsoftware and may be integrated into third-party systems via the includedActiveX control and RS-232 serial or RJ45 Ethernet ports. For veryhigh-throughput labeling needs, the labeler can be integrated with the AgilentBenchCel Microplate Handler. The BenchCel allows up to 360 plates to be labeledat one time, at a rate of three microplates per minute, making quick work ofeven the tallest stack of microplates.
Agilent Automation Solutions

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