New SLAS board of directors members excited to help shape society

Peter Grandsard, Ian Shuttler and Sabeth Verpoorte joined the 2016 SLAS Board of Directors for three-year terms beginning at SLAS2016

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The newest members of the SLAS board of directors have experienced personally what the society can do to enrich one's career and support individual innovators who seek to reshape the world through scientific ingenuity. They are fully committed to ensuring that SLAS continues to lead the way for many years to come.
Peter Grandsard, Ian Shuttler and Sabeth Verpoorte joined the 2016 SLAS Board of Directors for three-year terms beginning at SLAS2016. They join six current members to strategize, dream dreams and seek business opportunities that deliver value to SLAS members and the global life sciences discovery and technology community.
Grandsard is an executive director in Amgen Research (USA). In this current role, he is responsible for the chemical, biophysical and physical characterization of research-stage therapeutic candidates and reagents, synthetics and biologics alike. One of his groups also focuses on proteomics in order to understand disease biology at the molecular level. Grandsard has more than 25 years of industrial experience across the biopharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. He has managed Amgen functions in bioassay development and screening, small molecule process analytical sciences and laboratory automation technologies.
Shuttler is currently the head of strategy and portfolio management for the Life Science Division at Tecan Trading AG (Switzerland). He is an analytical scientist with over 25 years experience in product, business and R&D management at Tecan Trading, PerkinElmer and Agilent Technologies. At Agilent Technologies, he led the R&D team for developing chromatography consumables. In his time with PerkinElmer, he worked in the United States and Europe in a variety of positions. While based in the U.S., he served as vice president for strategic initiatives within the environmental health division and vice president leading the global inorganic analysis business.
Verpoorte has more than 25 years of research experience in the lab-on-a chip field in both industrial and academic environments in Europe. Head of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Group in the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (The Netherlands) since 2003, she has been working with cells and tissues in microfluidic devices to develop enabling tools for her colleagues. Efforts have also concentrated on microparticle separation strategies and miniaturized analytical instrumentation. Verpoorte has published more than 80 papers in top analytical chemistry journals. She is or has been involved in several international conference organizations and journal editorial boards.
To read a Q&A that SLAS conducted with the new board members (which follows the same information we provided above), click here.

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