New campaign focuses on fighting superbugs

Working to Fight AMR aims to spur development of new antibiotics

DDNews Staff
WASHINGTON—Leading scientists, public policy experts and biotech industry leaders joined forces recently to launch Working to Fight AMR, a coalition working to raise public awareness of the growing threat posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR)—it will also advocate for policies that catalyze the creation of new medicines.
“Antimicrobial resistance already poses a grave threat to human health, and it is a looming public health emergency," said Dr. Greg Frank, director of infectious disease policy at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, who is heading up the coalition. "Working to Fight AMR will advocate for policies that create a sustainable ecosystem and boost investment in this deeply neglected area.”
Scientists have developed only one truly novel antibiotic since 1984. For most companies, investing in AMR research does not make sense, as new treatments would be used sparingly. Companies risk not generating enough revenue to recoup development costs. Globally, just 1 percent of experimental medicines aim to fight bacterial infections.
“We're eager to mobilize this diverse community of stakeholders, including patients, to implement practical policy solutions to combat superbugs,” Frank added. “Together, we can save millions of lives.”

DDNews Staff

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