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FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. announces nine additional healthcare systems which have chosen their ASPIRE Cristalle mammography systems with 3D imaging

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STAMFORD, Conn.—Today, FUJIFILM  Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc., a provider of diagnostic imaging products including digital radiography and women's health solutions, announced nine of the initial healthcare systems across the United States which have selected Fujifilm's ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system with 3D imaging or Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) option in order to improve their diagnostic imaging capabilities and patient outcomes.
“Every day, women turn to mammography centers to know for sure whether they are healthy, at risk, or in immediate danger,” said Rob Fabrizio, Director of Strategic Marketing, Digital Radiography and Women's Health, FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. “And every day, more radiologists turn to Fujifilm for innovative imaging and technology they can trust.”
The ASPIRE Cristalle with DBT combines state-of-the-art, Hexagonal Close Pattern capture technology and intelligent image processing, optimizing dose and contrast based on individual breast composition. The result is low dose and fast acquisition of exceptional images for all breast types, including implants. In addition, patients may experience a noticeable improvement in comfort during procedures with Fujifilm's flexible comfort paddle design, which provides gentle and even compression designed to adapt to patient curves.
According to Fujifilm’s website, “DBT acquires a series of low-dose images at different angles. The acquired images are reconstructed into a series of high-resolution slices displayed individually or dynamically in a cine mode. The reconstructed tomographic images make it easier to identify lesions which might otherwise be difficult to visualize in traditional 2D mammogram images because of the presence of overlapping breast structures. Superior diagnostic accuracy and superior (lower) recall rates for non-cancer cases are possible with ASPIRE Cristalle's DBT technology.”
The following health providers for women's health solutions have chosen to install the ASPIRE Cristalle mammography system: Assured Imaging LLC of Tucson, Arizona is installing 15 ASPIRE Cristalle units with DBT across the country; Franklin Hospital of Benton, Illinois will install its first unit; Little River Healthcare - King's Daughters Clinic of Temple, Texas has recently installed its first ASPIRE Cristalle unit; Morton General Hospital in Morton, Washington is planning to install its first unit; Northern Radiology Imaging, PLLC of Watertown, New York has installed its first ASPIRE unit; Samaritan Medical Center, also of Watertown, New York, has installed three units; Self Regional Healthcare of Greenwood, South Carolina is planning to install its first; Tiffany Breast Care Center in Youngstown, Ohio has installed its first ASPIRE Cristalle unit; and University Suburban Health Center of South Euclid, Ohio has also installed its first unit.

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