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Advanced Chemistry Development


Applied Robotics


Biodirect, Inc.


Biolog, Inc.


BioTek Instruments, Inc.


Cambridge Healthtech Institute


ForteBio, Inc.


Hamamatsu Photonic Systems


Hamilton Company


LEAP Technologies
Millipore Bioscience Division

Molecular Devices

Tecan US
Thermo Fisher Scientific
405, 419

Wheaton Science Products


Alchemist II
Rigaku Americas
The Alchemist II is a unique liquid handling system designed for the easy, accurate and rapid production of complex liquid formulations produced from individual stock solutions of various chemical and liquid properties. The distinctive design of the system and stock solution vessels insures that you are able to dispense chemicals without waste or cross-contamination.

For more information contact Rigaku Americas. 
Telephone: 281-362-2300
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 680
ASX-110FR Micro-Autosampler with Flowinr Rinse
CETAC Technologies
The ASX-110FR Micro-Autosampler provides the next generation solution for low volume and Ultra Trace applications with ICP-MS and HR-ICP-MS.  A very short sample path minimizes dead volume and conserves valuable sample.  Samples are further protected by an integrated enclosure, which supports sample integrity and provides easy access during operation.  The dual-flowing rinse station ensures low carry over for accurate analyses.

For more information contact CETAC 
Telephone: 800-369-2822
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 131
Cell Lab Quanta SC MPL
Beckman Coulter Inc.
Beckman Coulter Inc. announces the successful integration of its Cell Lab Quanta SC MPL into a fully automated "seed and feed" cell culture system.  The integrated system provides data and cellular growth parameters for the evaluation of clone selection, cell expansion and protein expression results.  The Quanta SC MPL is integrated online with other peripheral devices and a robotic arm that moves cell culture plates to the flow cytometer for analysis.

For more information contact Beckman at
Telephone: 800-742-2346
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 227
TTP LapTech
TTP LabTech is launching its Lab2Lab automated sample transport system, using the proven pneumatic technology at the heart of the comPOUND sample store. Lab2Lab uses a network of uPVC tubing to connect a minimum of two stations - which can be in different rooms, or even on different floors - and allows samples to be transferred using a blast of air. comCHECK. This complements both the comPOUND range of storage and delivery products and offers benefits for new tube-based application areas such as biological storage.

For more information contact TTP LapTech
Telephone: 44-1763-262626
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 370
E-Z Ex-Traction Vials
Wheaton Science Products
E-Z Ex-Traction Vials are precision engineered with a conical well design to provide the optimum container for the collection, automated handling and storage plus subsequent maximum retrieval of drug discovery compounds and other high value biological samples. They are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances under strict quality standards to reduce the chance of failure in automated sample handling and storage systems. 

For more information contact Wheaton
Telephone: 856-825-1100 Ext. 3080
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 387
Falcon II Wide-field Chemical Imaging System
ChemImage Corp.
ChemImage's unique W.H.I.P. (Wide-field Hyperspectral Imaging Platform) Technology is the first of its kind to let users advance beyond static imaging to acquire Raman movies! See your chemistry in real time by combining spectroscopy with digital imaging for spatially resolved chemical information. Monitor dynamic processes and witness changes in materials as they happen in up to five distinct imaging modalities.

For more information contact ChemImage  Telephone 412-241-7335
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 260
Hamamatsu Corp.
The company's drug discovery system, the FDSS6000, provides fluorescence and luminescence detection with high-throughput assays, multiplexing capabilities for more versatile data analysis, plus exceptional durability and reliability.

For more information contact Hamamatsu 
Telephone: 908-231-0960
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 211
FH Series Bio-Med and Laboratory-Grade UPS
Falcon Electric Inc.
Falcon Electric introduces its new FH Series Bio-Med and Laboratory-Grade UPS that fully protects sophisticated lab equipment against the costly effects of poor power.  The FH Series provides pure power protection through its true regenerative on-line design, assuring new, clean, tightly regulated power that eliminates costly testing inaccuracies, interrupted runs and malfunctions.  It can operate from utility, generator or internal battery power.

For more information contact Falcon 
Telephone: 800-842-6940
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 232
FlowSyn claims to be the first commercial system to fully integrate all the essential elements for continuous flow chemistry into a single, easy-to-use package
For more information contact  PharmaCore 
Telephone: 336-841-5250, Ext. 101
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 610
FLUOstar Omega
The FLUOstar Omega is the world's first multidetection microplate reader with high speed (<1 sec/well) full spectrum (220-850 nm, down to 1 nm resolution) absorbance. Additional features include fluorescence and luminescence detection, as well as reagent injection for kinetic assays. High speed full spectrum absorbance provides unmatched flexibility and sensitivity to perform any assay. Leave absorbance filters and monochromators behind!

For more information, contact ABMG LABTECH  Telephone: 877-264-5227
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 590
GloMax-Multi Detection System
Promega Corp.
The GloMax-Multi Detection System is the next-generation integrated solution from Promega. While maintaining state-of-the-art luminescence performance, the GloMax line now extends into fluorescence and absorbance applications. By combining assay reagents with a high-performance detection instrument and simple, preprogrammed software from a single source, it's now easier than ever to start capturing real results.

For more information contact Promega 
Telephone 608.274.4330
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 257
IntelliCyt Corp.
The HyperCyt System is enabling technology that permits researchers to rapidly screen cell and bead-based samples from 96- or 384-well microplates with a standard flow cytometer at rates up to 40 wells/minute.  The HyperCyt system consists of the HyperCyt Autosampler and HyperView™ Data Analysis Software for streamlining the statistical analysis of microplate-based flow cytometric data.

For more information, contact IntelliCyt  Telephone: 505-345-9075 
Leica Microsystems Inc.                             
In the development of new medications, the distribution of active ingredients within a tablet plays an important role in their effectiveness. With the new Leica EM RAPID milling system, tablets can be prepared for quantitative NIR (near-infrared) spectroscopy quickly and with maximum precision. The instrument's high-performance tungsten carbide or diamond milling tools decapsulate and mill without smearing effects from the outer capsule layer.

For more information contact Leica  Telephone:  847-0405-7062 
MDrive14Plus Motion Control
Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc.
MDrive14Plus Motion Control utilizes proven leading technology with an all-in-one driver, controller, encoder and NEMA size 14 brushless 1.8° motor. This smallest integrated motion control solution measures a mere 1.9" x 1.4" x 2.0" (48x36x52mm). An ideal compact solution where space is limited, it can reduce size, cost and complexity in a wide range of applications without compromising functionality.

For more information contact Intelligent Motion Systems 
Telephone: 860-295-6102
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 539
MiniFLASH- Tube Capper/Labeler
PaR Systems Inc.
The MiniFLASH easily automates your tube capping, uncapping and labeling processes.  MiniFLASH accepts tubes and caps in bulk form or in tube-racks. The system performs tray and cap feeding, robotic placement of the caps onto the tubes, and cap twist-on assembly. The system also has modules for print and apply labeling, bar-code scanning, tube sorting, tube rack stacking/transport and dispensing.  The system interfaces with your LIMS or database.  A simple to use keypad accepts user input and production run parameters. The MiniFLASH sits on a tabletop and only requires standard power and air. 

For more information contact PaR Systems 
Telephone: 714-608-6132
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 656
MicroLab Nimbus
Hamilton Co.
The MicroLab Nimbus is a compact automated 96 channel pipettor with an optional barcode reader and labware gripper. It is ideal for fast plate replication and serial dilutions as nucleaic acid separations.

For more information, contact Hamilton  Telephone: 775-858-3000
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 115
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Momentum is workflow software for laboratory applications. Momentum lets users define, execute and monitor complex processes in a powerful yet easy-to-use visual environment. As an intelligent solution, the software enables multiple workflows via real-time, data-driven decision-making; eliminating the need for customized data handling. Its open topology editor allows the user to specify the design, configuration and operation of their individual system and plug-in different schedulers to support a broad range of processes and workflows. Users can also manage multiple islands of automation, treating them as part of a larger connected system.

For more information, contact Thermo Fisher 
Telephone: 781-622-1000
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 405 and 419
Octet System
ForteBio commercializes a label-free technology to measure biomolecular interactions in real time. Its Octet System uses BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) to measure affinity, kinetics or concentration in crude or purified samples. Real-time measurement directly in the microplate expands the Octet's analytical capabilities, providing greater value in applications where methods such as HPLC, ELISA, and surface plasmon resonance have limitations in throughput, performance and cost.

For more information contact ForteBio 
Telephone: 650-322-1360
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 310
Phytron Inc.
Phytron introduces PhyMac-3, new controllers with vision. PhyMac integrates synchronized control and drives for 3-axes in precise harmony. Professional connection to the world of process control by a multitude of interfaces. Camera connection for vector positioning. User-friendly PhyMac-Comm software compatible with Labview. Phytron: 60 years of experience providing innovative control devises and motors.

For more information contact Phytron 
Telephone: 802.872.1600
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 682
Progeny LIMS
Progeny Software LLC
Progeny LIMS is a complete sample inventory tracking system with bar coding functionality including hand held wireless devices. Track samples through absolutely any laboratory workflow and view a complete chain of custody for each action performed on a sample. Fully GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Optional integration with Progeny Clinical and LAB software for complete clinical and genetic data management system.

For more information contact Progeny Software 
Telephone: 574-968-0822
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 287
QIAsymphony SP - Pure performance
QIAGEN's new medium- to high-throughput automated system - the QIAsymphony SP - sets a new milestone in automated sample technologies by combining performance-leading magnetic-particle chemistry with a broad application range for RNA, DNA, and protein purification. Cutting-edge technology, innovative functions, and optimized protocols for up to 96 samples per run, plus processing of large sample volumes give you high-performance results you can trust. The QIAsymphony SP is intended for general laboratory use. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease.

For more information contact Qiagen 
Telephone: 800-362-7737
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 204
REMP SSS/Freedom Evo Factory
Tecan has integrated the REMP Small-Size Store (SSS) with the Freedom EVO® liquid handling workstation, creating a fully automated liquid handling and sample management platform. The REMP SSS can handle samples in a variety of formats and fits perfectly into any research laboratory. Integration of the SSS, Freedom EVO, and Freedom EVOware allows walk-away operation for sample retrieval and processing.

For more information contact REMP 
Telephone: 508-429-2200
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 305
SP Industries - Genvac
Genevac has developed the innovative SampleGenie to enables users to dry, concentrate or lyophilize samples from 300, 125 or 60 ml volumes, directly into small vials in just one step. Use the SampleGenie with Genevac HT centrifugal evaporators or the EZ-2 personal evaporators. Genevac evaporators offer the fastest, safe evaporation available today with advanced (patented) technologies to protect your sample.

For more information contact SP Industries - Genvac 
Telephone: 845-267-2211 Ext. 304
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 378
Smart Gripper 2.1
Applied Robotics Inc.
The Applied Robotics' Smart Gripper 2.1 offers unique performance advantages with varying levels of force able to take on any application where efficiency and flexibility are a concern. Delivering precision and a user-friendly programming interface, it is the only small, stepper-based gripper that offers easy integration with most commercially available robots. The Smart Gripper 2.1 comes with an internal motion controller, precision motor, and closed-loop relative encoder.

For more information contact Applied Robotics 
Telephone: 800-309-3475
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 674
SuSy - Automation Platform for Formulations and Solubility Screening
Zinsser Analytic
The product enables execution of a workflow to test a large number of compounds in parallel. The reactor is based on the microplate format for 24, 48 or 96 different samples. Tools for pH-measurement and adjustment, precision dosage, weighing & mixing (even of highly viscous media) are provided.  Optical control, evaporation, filtration, HPLC- /LC-MS integration can be also be provided.

For more information contact Zinsser 
Telephone: 818-341-2906
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 144
Synergy 4 with Hybrid Technology
BioTek Instruments Inc.
The new patent-pending Synergy 4 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader is the first multi-mode reader that combines filter-based and quadruple monochromator-based fluorescence detection technology to perform an unlimited number of microplate-based assays.  This combination provides for endless flexibility in current and future microplate-based assay choice. Synergy 4 also includes Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence, Fluorescence Polarization, Time-Resolved Fluorescence, and UV-Visible Absorbance.

For more information contact BioTek 
Telephone:  802-655-4040
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 443
Thermo Scientific Catalyst Express
Thermo Scientific
The Thermo Scientific Catalyst Express, the ideal entry to integrated liquid handling systems, increases throughput, walk-away time and efficiency of any laboratory.  Easily programmable with intuitive ControlMate software, the Catalyst Express shuttles labware to and from Thermo Scientific Matrix automated liquid handlers and replaces Thermo Scientific Matrix D.A.R.T.s (Disposable Automation Research Tips) tips.  The system's flexibility and scalability allows it to adapt with your changing application needs.

For more information contact Thermo 
Telephone: US. - 800.345.0206 Europe - 44(0) 161 486 2110
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 405, 419
XDC-96proS Single Column Decapper/Recapper
A compact, automated, single column decapper/recapper suitable for use with a wide selection of 96-format racked microtubes. Compatible with tubes and capping system from Matrix TechnologiesT, MicronicT, AbgeneT and FluidXT, including 1.4m 0.75ml, 0.65ml, 0.5ml variants. The Xdc-96proS is able to decap and recap mixture of tube types within the same rack.

For more information contact Biosero 
Telephone: 661-284-6650
Visit us at LabAutomation Booth # 137
4titude FrameStar Rigid PCR Plates
PHENIX Research Products
PHENIX Research Products is the exclusive U.S. distributor for 4titude FrameStar Rigid PCR Plates. The plates provide reliable use with stackers and liquid handling robots, yet provide the same cycling characteristics as 1-shot PCR Plates.  Now available in 4-96 well versions including ½ skirt and optimized designs for QPCR (Black with white wells). Bar coding & Color options.

For more information contact PHENIX
Telephone: 828-418-1060

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