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With acquisition of Labtronics, PerkinElmer fortifies knowledge-based, enterprise level solutions in core markets

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WALTHAM, Mass.—PerkinElmer Inc. has acquired Labtronics, an Ontario-based company that provides procedure-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solutions for laboratories performing routine analysis in multiple industries.

While financial terms of the deal were not released, PerkinElmer says the Labtronics purchase brings it the ability to extend its ELN and data integration software product offerings. The products are used for regulated and non-regulated quality control as well as late-stage product testing or method development labs.

PerkinElmer is investing in boosting its ability to serve the data analysis and management needs of all sorts of life-science customers. With its purchase of Geospiza early this month, PerkinElmer boosted its ability to help labs that are conducting genomics research and DNA sequencing to manage and analyze large amounts of genomic data. In March, PerkinElmer said it would buy informatics companies CambridgeSoft and ArtusLabs for a combined sum of $220 million.

Founded in 1986, Labtronics' products include its Nexxis ELN for quality control and R&D, and its Nexxis iLAB laboratory automation platform.

According to Dusty Tenney, president of Analytical Sciences and Laboratory Services at PerkinElmer, the addition of Labtronics' solutions extends PerkinElmer's ELN and data integration software offerings into laboratories following strict routine procedures, such as regulated and non-regulated QA/QC, late-stage product or method development laboratories and environmental and food testing labs.

"Labtronics tools can be applied to any procedure-based problem, including laboratory analysis, equipment calibration and validation, cleaning validation and others," Tenney says. "This strong position in laboratories following structured guidelines and procedures, along with our other complementary informatics product offerings, will allow PerkinElmer to provide the complete laboratory informatics solution to our customers."

Tenney adds that the acquisition is part of PerkinElmer's strategy to continue to fortify its knowledge-based, enterprise-level solutions in its core markets, including academia, pharmaceutical and petrochemical.

"Customers are looking for products and services that can integrate scientific tools and informatics to enhance operational effectiveness and speed to market, while reducing product footprints and infrastructure needs," he notes. "The acquisition of Labtronics complements our other more recent acquisitions of CambridgeSoft and ArtusLabs and is in line with the PerkinElmer corporate vision."

Tenney also notes that bringing Labtronics into the fold also "adds to PerkinElmer's growing portfolio of informatics and software solutions for laboratory environments, as we enhance the company's strategic focus on enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and access." The acquisition represents a strong synergy with PerkinElmer's OneSource Laboratory Services portfolio, he adds.

Labtronics, for the time being, will remain based at its existing facilities in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. PerkinElmer's overall informatics business will be managed out of Cambridge, Mass.

"At this time, no significant changes will be made to personnel as the expertise that these teams bring to PerkinElmer is just as valuable as the products themselves," Tenney says.

As for the future and the possibility of more acquisitions, Tenney points out that PerkinElmer remains focused on bringing the best products and services to the marketplace to support its customers' "ever-changing and evolving business needs."

"To that end, the organization is always open to discussing further acquisitions should they support our goal of driving customer success in all sectors of the marketplace," he says.

Moreover, Tenney notes that today's marketplace requires that all organizations maximize the value of their resources with little room for error.

"To that end, operational effectiveness is the key to meeting this challenge, and the acquisition of Labtronics speaks directly to this need," he says. "The true measure of these acquisitions will be indicated by how much we can improve our customers' ability to be successful in meeting their goals."

PerkinElmer expands medical imaging portfolio with Dexela acquisition

WALTHAM, Mass.—PerkinElmer Inc. announced on June 13 a second acquisition, this one of Dexela Ltd., a London-based provider of flat-panel complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) X-ray detection technologies and services.

PerkinElmer said the acquisition expands its current medical imaging portfolio in key areas including surgery, dental CT, cardiology and mammography, as well as non-destructive testing (NDT). With the addition of the CMOS technology to the company's imaging portfolio, customers will now be able to choose seamlessly between two complementary X-ray detector technologies to optimize their system performance and meet their specific application needs, PerkinElmer said in a statement.

Formed in 2005, Dexela pioneered developments in breast tomosynthesis. In 2009, Dexela launched a family of flat panel CMOS X-ray detectors ideally suited to breast tomosynthesis and a range of other applications, including mammography, fluoroscopy, dental CBCT, cardiology, angiography and bone densitometry, scientific instrumentation and non-destructive testing.

In addition to its CMOS X-ray detection units, Dexela's technologies and services include the Dexela Mammography Workstation, the DexView Image Processing Software, the 3D Reconstruction Engine Software and consulting and implementation services.

"Dexela has been a pioneer in the development of CMOS X-ray detection solutions and has achieved award-winning recognition in the imaging market for its design strengths and ease of manufacturability—which are major advantages for OEM customers," stated Brian Giambattista, president of PerkinElmer's medical imaging division. "We look forward to expanding the reach of this promising technology into adjacent markets such as surgery, dental CT, cardiology, mammography and industrial NDT, to detect, monitor and remediate threats to human health or structural integrity."

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