Keeping tabs on infectious disease

A look at our new online venue for infectious diseases as well as upcoming coverage

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Keeping tabs on infectious disease

Well, we pretty much started this year with a pandemic (though for many of us it wasn’t until March that we felt the full impact of that), and we’re finishing the year that way as well. Rampant public optimism early on that we would be out of the woods by summer clearly didn’t pan out, and many of us will be remaining virtual shut-ins for the winter, it seems.

As you have no doubt noticed in these pages, we continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of COVID-19 R&D, and we are doing the same in the Infectious Disease e-newsletter that many of you may also be getting, which has branched out from its original coronavirus-only focus but is still mainly covering COVID. In addition, DDN, along with its sister publications at LabX Media, takes part in the Infectious Disease Network Facebook page at

Pathogens remain a major threat (and sometimes just a nuisance) across many areas, and we promise we won’t let SARS-CoV-2 be the only one on which we turn the spotlight. In fact, the December/January issue will have a Special Report on infectious disease—and also a story about a virtual fireside chat on antibiotics—followed by a Focus Feature in the February issue on Vaccines.

Stay healthy and keep with us as we follow these important R&D areas.

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