Improved efficiency of intracellular delivery of bioactive molecules

Biocompatibles has launched a new product in its CelLuminate range of intracellular delivery systems.

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Biocompatibles UK Ltd.
Biocompatibles has launched a new product in its CelLuminaterange of intracellular delivery systems. The new CelLuminate Vesicle-formingPolymer System (VPS) improves the efficiency of intracellular delivery ofbioactive molecules compared to conventional liposomal systems. It can deliveranything from fluorophores to RNA, DNA and proteins efficiently and withminimal cytotoxic effects. CelLuminate is made from proprietary biomimeticcopolymer and exploits the natural cellular endocytotic pathways. As thesurface chemistry of the vesicles mimics that of cell membranes, the rate andamount of vesicles endocytosed is orders of magnitude higher than conventionalliposomal systems. Being pH-sensitive, the CelLuminate vesicles utilize the pHdrop in the endosome to deliver the desired payload into the cell cytosol.CelLuminate VPS is designed so that researchers can prepare their own vesiclesto encapsulate any bioactive agent, easily and without experience.
Biocompatibles UK Ltd.
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