Best of Immuno-oncology

Best of Immuno-oncology

Download DDN’s “Best of Immuno-oncology” ebook to learn more about recent research in cancer immunotherapy. This ebook includes stories about antibody approaches for treating cancer, the potential of CAR-T therapies, precision cancer immunotherapy directed by immune-profiling, and cancer neoepitope discovery.
By Mel J. Yeates

OSE brings CLEC-1 to AACRR

CLEC-1 is a new therapeutic target for immuno-oncology. 
The research program focuses on developing a cancer immunotherapy targeting CLEC-1, a newly identified C-type lectin receptor, to block suppressive functions of myeloid cells and restore antitumor response to T lymphocytes. Suppressive myeloid cells have the ability to accumulate in the tumor microenvironment and deregulate the immune activation of T lymphocytes.
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