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Alpha Innotech to create new device for OEM agreement with R&C Biogenius

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SAN LEANDRO, Calif.—Alpha Innotech Corp., a provider of bioanalytical systems for drug discovery and life science research, recently established a product development and OEM supply agreement with R&C Biogenius Ltd. Unlike many OEM agreements, though, this one involves a completely new product to be produced by Alpha Innotech for the deal.
Under the agreement, Alpha Innotech will develop and supply to R&C Biogenius a new bioimaging instrument that will be optimized for R&C Biogenius' proprietary assay for multi-analyte single-well ELISA tests. The agreement includes development payments and sales milestones, but those amounts have not yet been disclosed.
"The introduction of an integrated solution for simultaneously performing many important tests on a single biological specimen will reshape the molecular diagnostic market," says Sia Ghazvini, vice president of business development at Alpha Innotech. "We are pleased to combine Alpha Innotech's leading-edge CCD detection technologies with R&C Biogenius' unique, easy-to-use assays to enable researchers to obtain results rich in content and low in cost."
Ghazvini anticipates that the new OEM product will be ready by the end of 2008, and says this deal is more than just another project for the company; instead, it is another step in an ongoing strategic plan to position Alpha Innotech firmly in the bioimaging market space.
"We're working with and will increasingly collaborate with companies that have bioimaging needs, including innovators like R&C Biogenius," Ghazvini says. "We plan to increase our leadership in bioimaging and look to our CCD-based systems becoming the industry standard."

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