IDBS partners with Osthus on R&D IT

New alliance to deliver improved efficiency and workflows

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LONDON—IDBS and Osthus have announced a strategic partnership that will provide end users with improved research and development efficiency and workflow support across all of IDBS’ current products including its E-WorkBook Suite. Aachen, Germany-based Osthus and IDBS will develop new integration modules for additional services such as offline mobile data capture or lab request handling.
The partnership also offers enhanced services to IDBS customers with complete lifecycle management and local language services in Europe. The German market in particular will reportedly benefit from significant regional resources for system integration and consulting.
“Consulting is a critical part of implementing optimal workflows and achieving process efficiency,” says Adam Paton, head of global professional services at IDBS. “This partnership enables us to leverage our knowledge and skill sets so that users can get the most out of our platforms. We’ll be able to offer local support and immediate benefits to new and existing customers.” Paton notes that Osthus has implemented many different R&D IT projects for offline data capture via mobile devices, including barcode scanners, tablets and special handheld devices for use in exposed lab environments. “Osthus will use its expertise to support offline data capture for IDBS projects,” he adds.
“Many customers require an overview on work in progress and experiment/test status in their labs,” Paton says. “For this purpose Osthus has built applications to start lab requests, control their flow through the lab, gather status information and concentrate the information into management summaries via dashboards or reports. Osthus will use its expertise in this application area to extend IDBS’ current product offering.”
Osthus’ team of subject matter experts and consultants will assist IDBS in integrating third-party vendor products and migrating home-grown existing applications to the IDBS platforms. These services include template development and configuration of metadata handling and interface building. Customers will benefit from shorter implementation times and streamlined IT infrastructure as the single, unified platform reduces the number of applications that need to be managed separately.
“Osthus and IDBS will work together as a single project team for our customers,” Paton notes. “With IDBS’ experience of delivering its platform across small and global enterprises and the specialist domain and technical knowledge of Osthus, it will be possible to provide an exceptional service. This will lead to high-value delivery services with single ownership from the software vendor.
“Osthus has long been involved in the R&D arena providing a range of technical solutions for its customers. By partnering with IDBS, it allows this capability to be extended with an industry leading technology platform, without needing to look at fully bespoke solutions. In working closely with the IDBS product team it will be possible to leverage existing implementations and their relevant configurations ensuring best practice and more rapid solution design,” Paton declares.
“With our deep domain knowledge and footprint in the German market, we are working with IDBS to deliver its solutions into R&D environments across life science and other related industries,” said Dr. Torsten Osthus, managing director of Osthus GmbH and president of Osthus Inc., in a news release. “We are looking forward to building our new customer-specific integration modules on IDBS’ platform, helping customers to improve or reshape their R&D IT infrastructure as they strive for cross-domain collaboration.”
Osthus brings more than 16 years of experience in building R&D solutions for a wide range of applications. These include chemical registration, R&D data warehouses, substance logistics, compound order management, workflow and sample management, compound shipping systems, parallel synthesis, cell-line management and interfaces to ELN and LIMS. Osthus extended its global presence to the U.S., establishing Osthus Inc. in 2013.
IDBS is a leading global provider of software for the secure capture, storage, sharing and use of complex data within research, development and manufacturing organizations. The company’s technology enables researchers to easily access, visualize and analyze information as well as collaborate internally and externally, allowing easy communication while protecting intellectual property.

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