Generex, Fertin announce metformin gum collaboration

Generex Biotechnology and Fertin Pharma A/S recently announced a collaboration for the development of a metformin medicinal chewing gum for the treatment of Type-2 diabetes mellitus and obesity.

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TORONTO—Generex Biotechnology Corporation , a buccal drug delivery compa­ny, and Fertin Pharma A/S, a developer and manufacturer of medicinal chewing gum, recently announced that the two companies established a collaboration for the devel­opment of a metformin medicinal chewing gum for the treatment of Type-2 diabetes mellitus and obesity.
Metformin is a generic drug used to regu­late blood glucose (sugar) levels by reducing the amount of glucose produced by the liver, reducing the amount of glucose absorbed from food in the stomach and by making the insulin produced by the body work more effectively to reduce the amount of glucose already in the blood. The total US market sales of all forms of metformin are estimated at $1.8 billion
The collaboration will seek to combine Generex's proprietary buccal drug delivery platform technologies with Fertin's know-how related to gum base formulations, solu­bilization systems, and taste masking/mod­ification to create a metformin medicinal chewing gum that will deliver metformin into the body via the buccal mucosa (the inner lining of the mouth) rather than in its current tablet form.
The companies expect that this new deliv­ery method, in addition to being much more rapid and providing a much more specific and effective dosing regimen, will avoid some of the adverse side effects associated with taking metformin in tablet form such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diar­rhea, abdominal bloating, and increased gas production. In addition, metformin gum will avoid the bitter taste and large doses associ­ated with the tablet form thereby improving patient compliance, particularly amongst younger patients.
"We are pleased to have established this col­laborative relationship with Fertin Pharma, the industry leader in medicinal gum," says Anna Gluskin, Generex president and CEO. "Together, we will continue the Generex mis­sion of improving diabetes care and the qual­ity of life of people with diabetes."
Generex will conduct a pivotal clinical study to establish the non-inferiority of the product as a precursor to seeking regulatory approvals for the manufacturing, market­ing, and sale of the product.
The metformin medicinal chewing gum will be a companion product to Generex Oral-lyn, Generex's proprietary oral insulin spray product. Metformin is an important staple of the standard of care for patients with Type-2 diabetes mellitus. Generex believes that a combination therapy of Generex Oral-lyn, metformin gum, and other traditional oral agents can optimize the treatment of Type-2 diabetes, thereby delaying the onset of complications associ­ated with diabetes.
Generex is engaged in the research and development of drug delivery systems and technologies. Generex has developed a pro­prietary platform technology for the deliv­ery of drugs into the human body through the oral cavity (with no deposit in the lungs). The company's proprietary liquid formula­tions allow drugs typically administered by injection to be absorbed into the body by the lining of the inner mouth using the company's proprietary RapidMist device.

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