Fighting COVID-19 effectively

Worldwide research and collaboration needed to combat the coronavirus, says GlobalData

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LONDON—In light of the recent novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), data and analytics company GlobalData has analyzed several of the largest COVID-19 clinical trials in terms of participant size, with one the company’s clinical trials analysts, Mohamed Abukar, noting, “GDCT0379047 (ChiCTR2000029573) and GDCT0379500 (ChiCTR2000029602) are the two largest coronavirus trials, with both trials aiming to recruit 600 participants.”
Trial GDCT0379047, an interventional planned Phase 4 trial, tests the efficacy and safety of a recombinant cytokine gene-derived protein injection combined with umifenovir (Arbidol), lopinavir/litonavir. The study aims to combine the immunostimulatory effects of the cytokine gene-derived protein injection with the anti-viral properties of umifenovir, lopinavir/litonavir against COVID-19. This trial is located in Zhejiang, China, and is sponsored by the Zhejiang University School of Medicine Hospital 1 in collaboration with Jiehua Biotechnology (Qingdao) Co.
Trial GDCT0379500, an interventional ongoing Phase 0 study, aims to test the preventative effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) against COVID-19. This study aims to determine if the addition of TCM to standard health education is more effective than health education alone in preventing COVID-19. This trial is located in Hubei, China, and is sponsored by the Hubei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in collaboration with the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Concluded Abukar: “Evidently, a substantial research effort has been geared toward therapies utilizing umifenovir or TCM, with four of the top five clinical trials involving these agents. Nevertheless, to effectively combat the disease, a greater level [of] research and collaboration is required worldwide; currently an overwhelming amount of the research is being conducted in China, which may limit the scope of potential therapies being investigated.”

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