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EHSI acquires stem cell biotech firm Celulas Genetica

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HOUSTON—In an effort to expand its research and developmentfootprint, Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. recently announced itsacquisition of Celulas Genetica, a biotechnology firm based in Panama.
Financial terms of the deal have not been released.
Houston-based EHSI initially signed a profit participation agreement with thecompany in March.
Headquartered in Panama City, Panama, Celulas Genetica is aCentral American leader in stem cell technology acquisition and development.
In early December, Celulas Genetica purchased a license todevelop and market the revolutionary Rutherford Procedure, a groundbreakingorgan regeneration treatment designed to use proton-beam technology to destroydiseased organ tissue for regeneration using adult stem cells.
"Celulas Genetica's license to develop and market theRutherford Procedure was our main motivator to complete this acquisition,"points out EHSI President and CEO Cindy Morrissey. "We intend to test thisinnovative procedure thoroughly and develop it into a viable treatment fordeadly illnesses such as liver disease. The worldwide demand for stem celltherapies of this kind is extraordinary."
Celulas Genetica is currently exploring the possibility ofworking with a Chinese proton therapy facility to develop the new treatment foruse around the globe.
In the wake of the acquisition, EHSI announced that CelulasGenetica would submit an international patent application for the RutherfordProcedure.
Celulas Genetica has engaged a patent specialist to file thePatent Cooperation Treaty (PTC) application with a receiving office in China,the company noted.
The biotech company licensed the procedure from a Chinesefirm, BBFITCL, and plans to conduct the treatment's clinical trials in China,as well.
"We believe that the Rutherford Procedure could verywell revolutionize the treatment of liver disease worldwide," Morrisseynotes. "Filing a PTC application is a necessary step to protect the value ofthis crucial asset."
Morrissey says that she plans to travel to China soon tomeet with stem-cell researchers and potentially help open a Celulas Geneticabusiness office there.
According to Morrissey, extending its reach into the R&Dhotbed of China would build on EHSI's expanding global footprint.
CelulasGenetica will be only the latest outpost in EHSI's global footprint. Inaddition to its Houston headquarters, the company also maintains businessoffices in Frankfurt, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. "Much of the top stem cell research being conducted today takes placeoutside the United States," Morrissey points out. "To be an industry leader inthis field, you have to be international, and we fully intend to fund andproduce industry-leading innovations."

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