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A tour of what we have to offer you in our largest-ever issue of the magazine, from neurology to oncology and plenty of other places in the pharma and biotech world

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First off, if you are reading this editorial in the physical issue of the magazine (as opposed to online), I would like to apologize for any arm strain you might currently be experiencing, as this is our most hefty installment of the magazine ever—our very first 64-page issue.
And, it’s not for nothing that we bring you such a thick March offering. This month features our annual pre-show coverage of one of the biggest and most important conferences for many of DDNews’  readers: the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). As AACR Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair Dr. Elaine R. Mardis tells us of the scale and scope of the event, “Given the breadth and types of cancer studies and cancer medicine these days, it is really difficult to achieve content that absolutely is inclusive, but we certainly do try.”
So of course, attending AACR 2018—if indeed you personally do—will fill your brain with a plethora of oncology information, but we can help pre-load your cranium, as we have a special oncology feature this issue as well. Immediately after the AACR 2018 show preview beginning on page 19 is our Spotlight on Oncology on page 25, which is not only a supplemental companion to the AACR pre-show coverage but also a kind of follow-up to our Special Focus on Cancer Research News last issue, which focused heavily on immuno-oncology therapeutics. This issue’s Spotlight on Oncology takes a broader approach to rounding up recent cancer-related R&D news.
And did I say something about “filling your brain” and “pre-loading your cranium” earlier? Well, in that vein as well, we have yet another special feature this issue, our Special Focus on Neuroscience and Neurology. While it certainly stands alone as a roundup of recent research news related to the brain and the rest of the central nervous system, it is also a kind of prelude and lead-in for our Special Report on Neuroscience by Randall C Willis that will appear in the April issue. That Special Report will focus on recent efforts to understand the therapeutic potential of compounds found within the Cannabis species, and in particular their impact on neurological conditions such as epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and autism spectrum disorder.
Technology and services get a kind of double-dose of coverage this issue, with not only our monthly “On the cutting edge” roundup on page 52 but also a two-page installment of our periodic Products & Services feature, which starts on page 60 and spotlights quite a lot of items related to exhibitors at AACR 2018.
And all of that in addition to the many non-oncology and non-neurology therapeutic areas that are covered by news articles in this issue in our Discovery, R&D, Preclinical, Clinical Trials, Diagnostics, Contract Services and Business and Government Policy sections.
So, now that reading this has hopefully given those arms some time to rest, time to start turning the pages again. As always, thank you for being a reader and thank you for giving us a chance to share this plethora of drug discovery and development news every month with the magazine and every day with our website.

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