Editor’s Focus: Cancer, COVID and change

Change is the name of the game in our understanding of cancer, the effect of COVID and the future of DDN magazine

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Our regular columnist and guest columnist have plenty to say this month, so I’ll keep it short and sweet and just let you know what’s going on with this issue...and future publications...and more.
As is traditional, the June issue is pretty heavily cancer-focused, and we have oncology-related content not just in miscellaneous news stories throughout the issue, but also in the form of a Special Report and a Focus Feature.
Not only that, but that other C-word, COVID, is also prominent—first in Peter Kissinger’s column below, and also in several stories throughout the various news sections, in particular our “Research & Development” (which starts on page 12; if you’d like to view the entire physical issue of the magazine and visit that or any other sections, click here).
Heck, we even have a story titled “COVID and cancer” in Late-breaking News on page 38 if you want to get both topics in one dose.
Certainly, it’s no exaggeration to say that COVID-19 has turned everything upside down. We even launched an e-newsletter devoted to the topic in April. Our second one went out in May, and we’ve got another planned for June. Right now it’s a monthly thing, but that could change—upward or downward—as the situation on the field changes. And even once the novel coronavirus is (hopefully) relegated to minor-league status, we shall likely continue the practice of at least one therapeutic area-focused e-newsletter each month.
Not to mention that we’re retiring the DDNews Online bi-weekly e-newsletter for a new weekly one titled DDN Online Weekly Roundup, which begins this month and will focus only on very recent news, whereas the old e-newsletter also featured highlights from the current issue of the magazine. That latter duty will be filled by another new e-newsletter launching in July called DDN Monthly Insider.
Also, as I’m writing this, we are on the verge of conducting our very first webinar, focused on COVID-19, with a second webinar this month on the topic of antibody therapeutics in cancer.
Yeah, there’s a reason the headline of this column includes the word “change.” And there are more exciting changes and offerings coming up from us in the DDN family, so stay tuned.

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