DNA synthesis goes cell free

Cutting-edge DNA synthesis technology propels scientific advancements and drug discoveries forward at unprecedented speeds.

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Elegen's proprietary cell-free gene synthesis technology
Elegen's proprietary cell-free gene synthesis technology, based on innovations in microfluidics, molecular biology and chemistry, enables rapid and scalable production of long, complex, and highly accurate synthetic DNA.
Credit: Elegen

For decades, scientists have used cell-based systems to create DNA constructs. This process involves multiple steps, such as acquiring DNA fragments from vendors, assembling them into longer constructs, cloning genes into vectors, and transforming DNA sequences into host organisms such as bacteria. This process also includes cell culturing and plasmid purification. In total, this workflow takes weeks to months and is susceptible to errors at various stages, which can cause significant delays and compromise the quality of the final DNA construct.

To address these challenges, researchers at Elegen have developed ENFINIA™ DNA, an innovative cell-free DNA production platform. Unlike traditional methods, ENFINIA DNA does not require cloning. Instead, researchers at Elegen use a proprietary microfluidics approach to build long, complex DNA sequences, in just six to eight days. This technology can synthesize DNA constructs up to 7kb in length with an NGS-verified accuracy. Upon receiving ENFINIA DNA constructs, scientists can readily use them in their next experiments, saving valuable time and ensuring high quality results.

Elegen's ENFINIA DNA is making significant strides in the biopharma field. Recently, Elegen partnered with GSK to leverage this cell-free DNA synthesis technology for creating mRNA, cell, and gene therapies. As the demand for customized DNA constructs continues to grow, innovations like ENFINIA DNA hold promise for accelerating the development of vital treatments and scientific advancements.

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