Digital twins and the smart biofactory

Insilico and 2-control ApS join forces to create a solution to enhance biotech process development and production

Apr 05, 2021
DDNews Staff
Digital twins and the smart biofactory

STUTTGART, Germany—Insilico Biotechnology AG and 2-control ApS are joining forces to take another important step toward the concept of the “smart biofactory.”

Insilico provides its customers with predictive digital twins— the generation or collection of digital data representing a physical object—for process development and manufacturing. Recently, through the collaboration with Meyer Chroma Technology (MCT), Insilico has added digital twins for purification to its product portfolio.

Now Insilico is taking its vision of the smart biofactory one step further and is announcing the alliance with 2-control ApS to create plant-wide control of the individual digital twins as well as the entire digital value chain. 2-control.

ApS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been supplying control and optimization for complex industrial processes for more than 20 years. The combination of 2-control’s model predictive control with Insilico Digital Twins now opens up new possibilities for customers to monitor, control, and optimize performance, as well as robustness and product quality—for the individual digital twins and for the entire system.

“Insilico is looking forward to working with 2-control. By controlling the individual Digital Twins as well as the entire system, it will be possible to take process performance and process robustness of our customers' bio-production to a new level,” said Klaus Mauch, CEO of Insilico.

Added Prof. John Bagterp Jorgensen, CEO of 2-control: “The collaboration with Insilico opens up new, exciting areas of application in biotechnological process development and production. The biotechnological industry will greatly benefit from our many years of experience with complex industrial processes.”

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