DATABASICS: Capturing catabolism

At the Strategic Research Institute’s Targeting Ubiquitin for Drug Discovery & Development conference

Randall C Willis
NEW YORK—At the Strategic Research Institute's Targeting Ubiquitin for Drug Discovery & Development conference this week, bioinformatics specialist Cognia unveiled its first proprietary database—Cognia Catabolism—that contains curated information about proteins involved in the ubiquitin protein catabolism process, including attributes and interaction partners.
The database will be commercially available in October via annual subscriptions and will integrate with Cognia's Molecular Information Center, which integrates public and third-party data with in-house results.
According to company CSO and senior VP of product management Dr. David Rubin, the repository will serve pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are developing drugs against targets in cellular pathways where ubiquitin system proteins play an important role, such as oncology or inflammation.
"Understanding this plays an increasingly important role in anticipating and avoiding adverse reactions when potential new drugs are tested," said Dr. Christian Burks, president of Toronto's Ontario Genomics Institute and a member of Cognia's Scientific Advisory Board.

Randall C Willis

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