Core-shell column technology delivers ultra-high performance

Phenomenex Inc. has introduced Kinetex, ultra-high performance LC columns based on the company’s new core-shell silica technology. Kinetex meets researchers’ need to improve results and increase productivity without large capital expenditures.

Phenomenex Inc.  
Phenomenex Inc. has introduced Kinetex, ultra-highperformance LC columns based on the company's new core-shell silica technology.Kinetex meets researchers' need to improve results and increase productivitywithout large capital expenditures. By delivering significant improvements inspeed and separation efficiency over traditional 3- and 5-micron columns,Kinetex enables chromatographers to get performance comparable to sub-2 microncolumns without investing in UHPLC systems. With Kinetex, researchers canachieve UHPLC results on any LC instrument platform, and any chromatographicmethod can now be completed at a fraction of the time previously required,without sacrificing performance. The increased separation efficiencies ofKinetex also significantly reduce solvent usage and maintain long column life.Initially, Kinetex core-shell columns are available in two particle sizes—2.6and 1.7 micron—and three chemistries—C18, PFP and HILIC.   
Phenomenex Inc.
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