Comfortable, easy-to-use pipette reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched the Thermo Scientific Finnpipette F2 with an upgraded soft-touch tip ejector for increased ergonomics.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has launched the ThermoScientific Finnpipette F2 with an upgraded soft-touch tip ejector for increasedergonomics. With a patented gearing mechanism, the tip ejection force isdecreased by up to 50 percent, effectively reducing the risk of repetitivestrain injury (RSI). The combination of soft-touch tip ejector, softlycontoured handle and wide, supportive finger rest provides a comfortable andeasy-to-use pipette. The advanced volume-gearing mechanism allows superior volumeprecision within two decimal places, and the double-action pipetting buttonprevents volume drift during pipetting. As general laboratory pipettes, theFinnpipette F2, with increased ergonomics, is suitable for all routinelaboratory applications. The Finnpipette F2 includes a range of variable andfixed volume single-channel pipettes covering 0.2 µl to 10 ml for assuredversatility. Multi-channel models are also available, with volumes ranging from1 to 300 µl, for every application. Each F2 pipette is color-coded tofacilitate quick and easy pairing with the corresponding Thermo ScientificFinntip. They are fully autoclavable to prevent contamination between samples.With a clear, easy-to-read black and white display, volumes can be set quickly,with the knowledge that an accurate amount will be dispensed each time.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

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