Chew bet you

Medical chewing gum specialist Fertin Pharma A/S

Randall C Willis
COPENHAGEN—Medical chewing gum specialist Fertin Pharma A/S announced it would collaborate with the U.S. Army Dental Research and Trauma Detachment (USADRTD) for the development of antimicrobial chewing gum for the treatment and prevention of plaque, cavities, and gum disease. Dental emergencies represent an ongoing and significant challenge to the U.S. military as it tries to deploy troops overseas.
"Together, we will continue the USADTRD mission of developing a product that can improve dental health among first of all US deployed military forces, but secondly is a promising and highly interesting candidate for wide distribution to the public," says Lars Christian Nielsen, Fertin Pharma CEO.
The deal will see Fertin scientists formulate the USADRTD's antimicrobial decapeptide for controlled release in the oral cavity. The success of nicotine gums—Nicorette alone had 2005 sales of $171 million—has led to widespread acceptance of this form of drug delivery.

Randall C Willis

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