CEM opens Indian operations

Microwave chemistry specialist CEM

Randall C Willis
MATTHEWS, N.C.—Microwave chemistry specialist CEM announced it has partnered with its Indian distributor Niulab Equipment to open a microwave chemistry division on the subcontinent. The move is expected to help CEM further penetrate an Indian market that is seeing strong growth both in indigenous biotechnology and pharmaceutical development and as a services provider.
"India's scientific community is growing rapidly and many of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies either have laboratory facilities in the country or outsource to Indian companies," said Michael J. Collins, CEM president and CEO. "Our relationships with Niulab and some of the top chemists using microwave technology in India and give us a unique understanding of the market and its needs."
The division, which currently has a staff of four, will offer a full-line of microwave systems, applications and expertise. The companies expect the team to expand to 10 within the next two years.

Randall C Willis

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