BioClinica launches eClinical CRO alliance program

Access to eClinical knowledge, best practices and financial benefits aims to maximize CROs’ business and scientific success

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NEWTOWN, Pa.—BioClinica Inc., a specialty clinical trials technology services provider, has announced the rollout of a new eClinical CRO Partner Alliance program, accelerating adoption of industry-leading eHealth solutions by CROs. The decision to redesign the CRO partner channel comes in response to growing demand for a premier eClinical technology platform that enables CROs and sponsors to conduct studies in an efficient and accelerated manner.
“We listened to our eClinical CRO customers, sponsors and the wider community to understand business pain-points, as well as the overall experience of working with technology product providers,” said Mukhtar Ahmed, BioClinica’s eClinical business segment president. “Based on feedback from senior clinical development, outsourcing and IT executives, it was evident a completely different partnering approach and philosophy was desired.”  
Ahmed further explained, “Among their top priorities are CRO autonomy and product self-service capability, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge and best practices. They want this within a true partnership—one with strategic business alignment, collaboration and accountability for service delivery and product quality.”
To address this need, BioClinica’s eClinical CRO Partner Alliance is intended to be flexible and built around each partner’s unique needs and business model. BioClinica’s director of CRO business development, Jason Attanucci, says, “Our CRO partners receive flexible licensing, preferred pricing and incentives along with service and quality-assurance benefits, which ultimately help them reach sponsor customers previously inaccessible.”
“We offer an integrated platform with eClinical technology that is mature and feature-rich,” according to Attanucci. “The number of offerings, the breadth of solutions and the flexibility in our partner model surpasses what has historically been available to CROs. We allow our partners to assemble their own eClinical solution from among our menu of offerings and give them the building blocks to be successful.”
Dedicated CRO relationship managers work closely with each partner to create a tailored eHealth solution offering. Partners may leverage certification and services in the BioClinica platform or individual solutions to achieve unique financial benefits.
“The breadth of services and technology available through our eClinical CRO Partner Alliance has never been seen before in this industry,” Attanucci asserts, noting that partners are able to leverage BioClinica’s extensive knowledge gained in providing study management, risk-based monitoring, data capture, randomization and trial supply management technology and supporting services for thousands of clinical trials globally. “We’ve already seen tremendous uptake in our Partner Alliance from CROs around the world, and we will begin announcing new members in coming weeks.”
“We want our partners to know our technology as well as we do, freeing them from dependency on us,” Attanucci states. “This is what we mean by ‘CRO autonomy.’ This is a technology enablement program where our CRO partners learn our products inside and out as well as we do so that they can use, run and test our products independent of us. We want them to be able to fully leverage our technology and services, benefitting them and their sponsors.”
In addition to BioClinica’s world-class data, regulatory, reporting and analytics technology, CRO partners can tap into unique product innovation found within the eHealth App xChange. The App xChange enables access to a growing list of consumer applications, such as electronic health records, patient diaries, adherence, safety utilities, questionnaires, eTMF and other patient-centric apps, in a secure and scalable way through BioClinica’s regulatory compliant eHealth Cloud architecture.
Attanucci sums up: “We are continually expanding our understanding and appreciation of the CRO business model. We know they need flexibility. For this reason, we give them the option of choosing the clinical applications they want, whether that’s our platform solution or just one item from the menu. This flexibility gives smaller biotechs, for instance, a platform that supports their needs in a cost-effective way. Our eHealth App xChange provides another level of innovation that they can access. We can even serve the needs of smaller CROs looking for specialized services to fill a specific gap. It goes back to our menu of offerings—it is unique to us—and enables us to provide a solution fitting any size CRO and their sponsors. This is a unique kind of partnering that we feel can truly create an industry transformation.”
BioClinica is a specialty clinical trials technology services provider that improves the development of new medical therapies by delivering expertise and technologies that enhance clinical research data and analytics, worldwide. The company offers industry-leading medical imaging services, enterprise eClinical technologies, patient recruitment and retention, clinical research centers and cardiovascular safety solutions that bring quality and efficiency to every phase of clinical development. BioClinica’s experience spans three decades and includes thousands of studies in all therapeutic areas. The company serves more than 400 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device organizations—including all of the top 20—through a network of offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.  

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