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ClinPhone and invivodata align ePRO solutions

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NOTTINGHAM, U.K.—ClinPhone, a global clinical technology solutions provider, has partnered with invivodata inc., a device-based eDiary provider, to provide electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) solutions.

Under the co-marketing agreement, the companies will each assess what ePRO modality is best suited for their pharmaceutical and biotechnology company customers' needs and offer them either IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) or device-based ePRo solutions, two of the industry's most commonly used ePRO modalities. Financial details of the continuous partnership agreement were not disclosed.

Leaders at both companies say the alliance is an ideal match because ClinPhone and invivodata focus heavily on regulatory and psychometric validation issues.

"Successful use of ePRO today requires an in-depth understanding of scientific and regulatory considerations, coupled with appropriate technology and complete global support services," says Doug Enfer, founder, president and CEO of Pittsburgh, Pa.-based invivodata. "We thought, 'instead of competing against each other, let's do what is right for the customer. If invivodata sees an opportunity that looks like it would benefit from IVRS, we work with ClinPhone to win that deal. If ClinPhone comes across a handheld device ePRO opportunity, they will work with us to make sure we win that as a hand-held deal."

"In this arrangement, we have made it so that everybody in each organization is completely agnostic as to which modality is chosen by the client," adds ClinPhone CEO Steve Kent. "From our customers' point of view, they will not have any reservations about whether they are using the right modality for their study or if we are making an inappropriate recommendation to them because of a particular company interest."

The partnership will enable both companies to meet the particular patient reporting service needs of their global clients, Kent says. Subjects access ClinPhone ePRO by dialing a toll-free number where they encounter surveys delivered in their language.

While invivodata combines behavioral science with handheld and Web technology to capture more reliable and accurate clinical trial data directly from patients.
The two companies also will integrate their technology platforms to eliminate translational headaches for their customers, Enfer says.

"We are committed to getting our device-based patient reporting data into their EDC system, and they are integrating their system into our Web-based trial system," Enfer says. "This gets back to delivering get a smoother trial experience." DDN 

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