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Savvion-Patni Life Sciences CRO partnership focuses on delivering business process management-enabled services

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SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Savvion and Patni Life Sciences haveentered into a strategic partnership to jointly deliver business processmanagement (BPM)-enabled solutions for clinical operations on top of Savvion'slife sciences foundation.
Savvion and Patni will apply their expertise and experienceto help pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech and clinical researchorganizations (CRO) meet the unique business, regulatory and informationtechnology challenges they face across the drug development life cycle.
Financial terms of the agreement were not released.
According to Pejman Makhfi, Savvion's vice president ofbusiness solutions, this isn't the first time the two companies have workedtogether. Patni has been an implementation partner of Savvion, he says.
"Patni Life Sciences has the industry knowledge, experienceand reputation that we were seeking in a partner," he says. "Furthermore, theyhave a business process management (BPM) practice, which made them the idealcandidate."
Bridgewater, N.J.-based Patni Life Sciences has a regionaloperations center in Noida, India. The company has more than 20 years ofexperience in the life sciences industry and integrates business, informationtechnology and regulatory expertise to deliver leading-edge solutions to itslife science clients.
Makhfi points out that expediting the complex globalregulatory process governing drug trials is a major challenge for life sciencesfirms. A major obstacle is how to reduce the time to get new drugs to themarket while still maintaining the highest quality standards, he says.
As a result, Makhfi says the focus of the collaboration is"to combine Savvion's expertise in business process management and Patni's deeppharmaceutical experience to jointly deliver BPM-enabled solutions to the lifesciences industry." The partnership between Savvion and Patni meets thischallenge by combining Patni's decades of experience in IT and scientificconsulting with Savvion's 14 years of experience in optimizing and automatingbusiness processes.
The outcome of the partnership will assist life sciencesorganizations in streamlining their drug development and clinical trialoperations—all while leveraging their existing information technologyinfrastructure investments. By optimizing the drug development life cycle,customers will be able to lower the time and cost of delivering compliant, safeand reliable drugs to the marketplace.
The partnership signifies Savvion's commitment to thismarket segment, where the company offers targeted Savvion's "BPM-enabled"applications that allow it to model, simulate, optimize and execute variouscollaborative clinical operational processes built on top of its robust andproven BPM platform and life sciences foundation.
Makhfi also notes that the collaboration will foster costand risk reduction "through predictive warnings and timely escalations" and a"reduced cycle-time, increased flexibility and more accurate decisions whichresult in better resource utilization."
Roy Devine, associate vice president of consulting servicesat Patni, says Savvion proved to be a good partner for Patni because of its"support for security and life sciences standards, as well as the openarchitecture, frameworks and business accelerators that are life scienceindustry-specific for quick ROI and deployment of clinical operations solutions."
Devine also notes that drug trial managers face myriadchallenges.
"They must deal with expiring drug patents, dwindling drugpipelines, escalating costs of clinical trials, and increasingly stringent newregulatory guidelines that delay time to market," he says. "This newpartnership will enhance Patni's consulting practice by allowing us to offerSavvion's pioneering BPM technology along with Patni's regulatory and ITexpertise to help our clients remain competitive."
Makfhi notes that the agreement does signal an expandedcommitment by Savvion in the area of CROs.
"As part of our strategic focus, we are fully committed tothe life sciences industry," he says. "We are aggressively expanding ourcapabilities and programs to support an industry that could greatly benefitfrom BPM."
Moreover, Makhfi further points out that the partnershipopens new doors for Savvion.
"With Patni's domain expertise in life sciences andSavvion's track record for automating complex business processes, we can worktogether to give the drug industry BPM-enabled solutions to easily meet complexand ever-changing regulatory requirements and shorten the time to market fornew drugs."
The collaboration isn't limited to the CRO space, insteadcovering the broader pharma and life sciences industry. Makhfi notes that thetwo companies can work together to help CROs meet new challenges of today'sindustry by "adding efficiency, visibility and agility to the businessprocesses and improving overall business performance."
Gauging success of the collaboration should be a fairlysimple effort, concludes Makhfi. The partners are seeking increased visibilityinto end-to-end processes, anywhere from investigators selection and site setupto patient onboarding, study conduct and closure; cost and risk reductionthrough predictive warnings and timely escalations; and reduced cycle time,increased flexibility and more accurate decisions which result in betterresource utilization.
"All together, we expect our customers to see an averageimprovement of 30 percent in running clinical trials," he says. "This may wellbe in simple savings and cost reduction, but more often, it is a reflection ofthe increased capacity and efficiency of the processes."

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