AIBioTech partners with AutoGenomics to expand molecular testing

American International Biotechnology Services (AIBioTech) has taken the wraps off a partnership with AutoGenomics in which they will utilize the automated Infiniti analyzer and multiple applications that they have validated

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RICHMOND, Va.—American International BiotechnologyServices (AIBioTech) has taken the wraps off a partnership with AutoGenomics inwhich they will utilize the automated Infiniti analyzer and multipleapplications that they have validated.
Financial terms of the agreement were notreleased.
According to William Miller, CEO of AIBioTech, theautomation provided by AutoGenomics' Infiniti Analyzer has enhanced workflow inhis company's laboratories.
"With their expanding menu of molecularapplications we have found AutoGenomics to be very responsive in meeting ouremerging testing needs," he adds.
Fareed Kureshy, CEO of AutoGenomics, says hiscompany has been impressed with the test portfolio that is being offered byAIBioTech.
"The versatility of our BioFilmChip Microarraytechnology allows us to rapidly develop new applications to meet the needs ofAIBioTech," Kureshy notes.
Miller also points out that the sensitivity of theinstrument "allows us to detect diseases at an early stage."
"This allows our patients to get treatment wellbefore their condition deteriorates," he says. "For example, our HPV genotypecan detect a strand with as little as five copies. The current technology callsfor 50,000 copies for initial detection."
The partnership has a single focus, as Millerpoints out, with AIBioTech and AutoGenomics focusing on the patient above allelse. 
"The partnership will strive towards providingaccurate results in a timely manner with special emphasis in eliminatingre-collection procedures and on providing rapid turnaround time," he notes.
In addition to the focus of the partnership, thereare some specific goals the parties will strive to achieve.
"(We hope) to improve on current technology and toprovide the physicians with a more precise, faster and accurate diagnosis thatwill help them better assess the patient condition and course of treatment,"Miller says. "We want the physician to have the best tools and tests availableto get the patient the necessary care."
As a result, Miller says the partnership willoffer AIBioTech clients the availability to obtain more accurate, sensitive andfaster results.
"Along with quick turnaround time, the accuracy ofthe test will also eliminate the need for retesting or recollection," he adds. 
Success of the partnership will ultimately bemeasured by the amount of assays AIBioTech adopts from the Autogenomicsplatform.
"As we continue to obtain proof of concept withcurrent assays, the natural progression will be to adopt the technology intoadditional panels which AIBioTech and Autogenomics can co-develop," concludesMiller.
AIBioTech, a division of Bostwick Laboratories, isa full service, comprehensive contract research organization offeringstate-of-the-art technology platforms to investigators in pharma, biotech, thegovernment and academic institutions.
AutoGenomics Inc., a privately held company basedin Carlsbad, Calif., has developed the first automated, microarray basedmultiplexing diagnostic platforms that can be used to assess disease signatureswith novel genomic and proteomic markers in the area of genetic disorders,infectious disease, cancer and pharmacogenetics.

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